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MarioWikian Commando

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MarioWikian Commando is both a game and a fan-fiction of the Super Mario Wiki. It takes place 20 years from the current year. In it, the trolls have made an army made of changed uniforms from dead soldiers, random weapons they could find anywhere, they are known to the wiki as the "Barbarians of Spam". In both the fan-fiction and the game, it is about a soldier unit who is a Yoshi sent onto the Dinotooth S-6 Company. The game describes his missions with real-life action, while the fan-fiction is more intense and dark.

The 3D Game

The game has all, plus a few more, battles that were in the story. You can read the whole thing here, or choose a chapter individually.

Confirmed Missions

  • Cheese Meadows
  • Invasion of the Camp
  • New Wikisburg
  • Chatroom


The game has 3 modes- Capture the Flag, Deathmatch, and Campaign. In CTF and Deathmatch, you play as the soldier running through trying to get the flag or kill the enemies, depending on mode. It is, however just like AI, easy to die. That is why it is often smart to travel in groups of AI Users, and go through the levels. In story, you try not to die as you go through the location to defeat the troll's camp or capture something, depending on the level. Sometimes, there will be bosses such as a tank.

It is also confirmed Tank and Flight-based missions will appear in it.




Whole Story

I don't even know what to say right now. Along with 20 other Yoshis in their camo, I am sitting down, helmet slightly over my eyes, my Carbine AntiSpam S-6 Rifle in my hand, butt on the damp and rusty ground. What kind of truck is this? I bet if you were to put one more soldier in here, you'd dent this rust spot. I am sitting on it. Do they care the last platoon of my fellow Yoshi brethren will die from a horrible metal accident? Forget it. They sent a man with a broken neck out there once. All the other S-#s have been either captured or killed. We'll be with them soon enough. Enjoy my last few hours of rest- I'd need them.

Finally, one of them lifts there head. I thought conversation would be made. Wrong. He just put it back. Just like I am constantly. It's raining, we can hear it, rarely feel it, and smell it. The smell. There's always that smell. It promises good times after. At least we all get shot and fall into peaceful grounds. Ready to be covered in flowers, guns pelted in the ground with our helmets standing on the barrel. We will be left there. If we win, a memorial. If we not, a wasteland. Our corpses may even be worth something. It gives me such the chilling feeling. Our corpses- being money and sold.

When I almost fell asleep, a quick, warm rain drop hit me. Right between the eyes. I looked up. As it rolled down my nose, I realized this- it was not rain. It was that fat orange Yoshi spat on me. He looked at me, as if he was saying, "I'm watching you". I swiped it off, and looked at him. He rolled his eyes and looked at someone else to start terrorizing. The truck stopped. Out yelled our colonel. "ATTENTION!", he shouted. It startled my head from being lying down. We all marched out. We stood in line from unit number. Then I saw very familiar-looking gray Yoshi boots. Like all of us, he is a Yoshi, too. He had gray spines. It was none other then Colonel Super-Yoshi. With his Mini-14 strapped to his back, and an ammo pack. He walked by constantly, staring into our eyes, like he was trying to break us.

Eventually, he stopped at the orange one who spat on me. "I heard you've been messing with our little friends. That I respect, teach 'em some spirit.", he said like he was going to give him an award. Wrong. He kicked him down. "But doesn't mean I can, too", he said kicking him down hard. "Fatass", Super-Yoshi mumbled as he walked back in the car. We all got back in. We drove again. The sleep didn't last long. While we were driving around night time, the rain got heavier. And so did my suspense. Of course, every bar has a limit. It's only a matter of time before it comes true- and it did. When I looked, I saw nothing. Next time I did, I widened my eyes and ducked, hit the dirt. A rocket flew right under my back.

Luckily, that rusty splinter saved my life. It made me fall through the metal, rolling, screaming burning death trap. About 1/4 of our men were killed. We rolled behind trees and took our spare sandbags that lasted- a drill practiced very well back at boot camp. Taking out the AntiSpam Rifles, we shot like we meant it. I did not fire. I watched as the plane that shot at the missile swoop by. I didn't hear my rifle for some reason. The plane was crashing down. I was having some quick fantasy I did that, and I was being thanked and thrown around for being so heroic. "You have the safety on, genius", said a red Yoshi behind a tree next to me. Man, I'd take my AntiSpam Rifle and fire at him if I could- and if I had the gut, too.

Team. Pah. Makes me laugh. If THAT'S team, that's sad. Team is supposed to support. They told us we were a team, one freakin' screw up would screw our lives up. He seems to be reeaaal supportive. Yeah right. I was in this feeling until a bomb was shot into the middle sandbag fort. "Watch out for flying guts!", yelled one of them. I just kept firing. I almost dropped my rifle. It was getting really hot. The second truck that was way ahead was called back. In the mean time, we were marching, helping out others. Walking around disturbing me that night in the second truck. Thinking. All those dead Yoshis. Some jaw-less, some limb-less...some with...nothing. Just corpse. The truck was packed, so we had to stand-sleep like horses in Winter. It was miserable. Anybody he slept lying down who was assigned to stand had to do 200 jumping jacks. Luckily, I practiced this once. In boot camp.

In the morning, we started to make a fortress made of sandbags for camp. As we set up large caliber machine guns, people are talking. Mentioning how they took out 'em trolls real good. I personally wanted to chat with them. But it'd be embarrassing not even getting one shot at the plane and a few troll scums. Then I heard the red Yoshi talking about me. "That green one over there didn't even get one shot, poor idiot, he had his safety on", he mumbled to his friends. They laughed. I walked stealthily at their sandbag stack, and I removed a metal piece that kept it in shape. I walked back.

About 5 minutes later, the sandbags all fell down, and the red Yoshi and the fat one fell over, as one was sitting on a crate leaning on it, and the Fat one sat on the sandbags themselves. As soon as it fell, Colonel wasn't too happy. He ran over there, and scolded them. I secretly laughed as I set up the machine gun and tested it's range and angles. Super-Yoshi yelled this as I was working on it, "Oh, that's real nice. You even forgot to put the metal in it. What if all our sandbags fell over? Look at that. LOOK AT THAT. Your metal is right there on the ground. Put it next time, idiots", and walked away. They were saying they knew they had sworn they put the metal in.

The suspense was on in the middle of the night. Watch guards from 10 miles away in a jeep drove back to report trolls incoming. A large pack of them. We got our uniforms on, and it was time to get the machine guns ready. I took 2 pistols left behind, and stuck them in my jacket just in case. Suddenly, I heard the sound of running and war screams of the trolls. "Don't fire until you can see their fat faces", yelled Super-Yoshi. And I did. So did the rest. It was a wall of gunfire shooting, a big portion of them shot down. I can see their black-purplish skin, and the red in their eyes. Gunfire and gunfire, all pelting the trolls. Most fell dead, some continued to storm, even with an arm blown off. Then here came the vanguards. Rockets pelted the ground, I saw some of our men exploded. It was horrible. Then I was sniped in the lower-side by a troll on the hill.

Blood was all over me. I could not feel my arm. Then a rocket hit near by. I could not hear anything. Just a high-pitched noise, it sounded like I was underwater. Then the red Yoshi marched. He looked at me. As I was starting to hear again, I started mumbling, and he said, "Silence yourself. Stay calm. MEDIC!". I felt like my chest exploded. The bullet went through my entire body. Then trolls started to get over the frontline sandbags. He started to drag me across. I felt like rubber as a troll barbarian with a sword charged. The red Yoshi cussed as we were being chased. With my little strength, I took my pistol and fired randomly. I hit the troll in the foot and lower stomach, and a troll who jumped over tripped. Then MarioWikian soldiers with knifes charged at him. I then fell asleep in pain.


The night's frosty winds bit my face. The suspense was killing me. Any second now, you'd have to fire machine guns. Any second, as in now. We saw the first one with an AntiSpam Rifle from 15 years ago (I could tell by the design, my dad owned one). Instantly, Colonel yelled, "Don't fire until you see their fat faces!", and that was my cue. I fired at them. I saw my ricochet bounce everywhere, some on the rusty home-made armor for the trolls. But they died or got wounded when I saw that. I got a grin, killing them. They took over Wikisburg, and we are gonna take it back if it's the last thing I do. I started firing and I couldn't hear. Is it true I acted like the newbie and put the safety on? I realized what happened as the trolls got so close to me, a sword could kill. And they almost did.

I had all my ammo, but my gun over-heated. I took my clip and ran, in case someone will need it. Then a rocket fired from a few vanguards. It flew me off my feet. I landed in the middle of the camp, like nothing happened. I laughed- until another rocket almost hit me. Then I heard a scream as a bullet went by my head. The newbie has been shot in the lower stomach! I hurried, with the clip wrapped around my arm. I picked him up. The bullet went through his entire body. I cringed, as I picked him up. Then I saw two trolls jumping over sandbags. The newbie got a pistol out and shot one twice. They both tripped as other uses began to attack. "MEDIC!", I kept yelling.

About seven medics came, all different kinds, medecine, needles, surgery tools. To surprise him, they drugged him in the back so he fell asleep. They then filled the hole with some kind of material, covered it, washed a little blood off, and sent him on a jeep to a medical center. I was satisfied I helped him. I gave a big grin. That is, until I remembered they were crossing the frontlines. I saw about 20 of them with swords and a few with rifles all charging up the hill. I got a grenade out, and chucked at. Hit the closest right in the head, bounced, and exploded in front of 3, killing all 4 of them. I ran back, got in the truck, and we drove away.

I hope the newbie is ok. Turns out most of my friends were killed by those rockets. It was only now I saw a few cut wounds on my limbs. I swiped my sweat. The trolls can only march, so we'll be chased. As Colonel said, we'll just keep moving.


I woke up and saw I was flying around Leet Town in a helicopter. We landed. It's trash living here. Smells like fire and ash after we destroyed it. Everything left in tact we built from and use to stay alive. The trolls are not aware of this land currently, and it is near New Wikisburg, so we settle here to make military actions, such as the jungle I was wounded in. The hole in my body is still there, it doesn't even hurt to stick my finger in there. Then we landed. I was taken to the underground hospital in a wheelchair. It was in the lobby room when I heard cries of pain and constant beeping noises. It made my ears hurt. I plugged them. Would this be next? I just need to get a filling, cleaned up, re-boosted, and get back to combat, right? That wouldn't be too painful, should it? They all ready took the bullet out. So then about an hour later, the beeping noise stopped, and made a flat out "rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiingg"-like noise. That's death's message. Then the body being marched out was noticeable- Booster. He had died on the table.

It made me almost cry. It has taken to war. But who would replace the general? There's only one who demoted himself, but was given a certificate to be re-promoted anytime- Paper Jorge. Would he be sent? Would he see Booster in the afterlife? Better question yet, will I? It was sad and gave an achy feeling. They then went to do operation on me. So I held my breath to get ready to feel the pain. But they had some kind of bag. I thought it was some kind of medical drug. Not really. They put it over my mouth and I fainted.

The next morning, there was a purple-ish filling that looked like pure fat. It was jiggly, maybe it was. They told me not to touch it, it will not stick, and having that hole open is not good for my body. I had to stick around a few days, on crouches. It hurts to walk normally for now, because of the filling, and I need to get used to the medicine they put in my body. There was a carnival in town. I went to it to enjoy it- it may be my last. The roller coaster was not scary to me anymore. Even in my teenage days, that same roller coaster was very spooky. Now that I've tasted death before, I enjoyed it. At the end, I laughed and I cried. It was a wonderful day. I saw couples. They kissed. They held hands. I even heard Jorge got one.

Tomorrow, was when Jorge was sent to the same route, on the tale of Crypt Raider's platoon. And now it is time. I was one of the people to watch him take out on the muddy road. Later that night, I was sleeping in my bunk when there was an emergency going off. Jorge has been shot in the shoulder and leg, and was smacked down until he was practically dead. I saw many users; Xpike, Crypt Raider, Bean, most sad and crying. Crypt Raider has his hat over his eyes. He sat down in a corner, but I heard him do a few *sights* and coughs and sneezes of sadness. Bean was the most, she was practically collapsing next to Jorge. Jorge said his last words. His last was asking Bean if she loved him. Soon after, Jorge died.

You know what they say, another one bites the dust. Two sysops in a row. Who would be next? Next in line was Bloc Partier. He was promoted from sysop to 'crat. And I was being sent to his platoon this afternoon. "Why am I not going back to my original platoon", I asked them as I was packing. "Because they are all dead, except for the red one and Colonel Super-Yoshi, who were taken to questioning on the outskirts of New Wikisburg", said another soldier. I looked at him and said, "What's our mission?". "To get them back", he said calmly, smashing his fist into his other hand. I frowned in anger. I'm not getting shot again. I will stand and fight. And not to mention have my safety on. We hopped in a troll's jeep for a disguise, and drove off.