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The Super Mario Wiki logo.

The Super Mario Wiki, which also goes commonly by the name MarioWiki, is a region in the Wiki World, located in The Continent. Its history is tied with Halopedia, which AgentSeethroo founded. Porplemontage helped the Agent, who in turn helped Porplemontage found the Super Mario Wiki in August of 2005. It is famous for its Mario content, and for possibly being the most community-filled wiki. The Super Mario Wiki is very big, and contains many smaller places. Pipe Plaza could be considered the center of the wiki. This place used to be a big land of empty space, until Steve bought it. The Super Mario Wiki used to be a bunch of little houses made out of sticks; however, more people came to it, and it soon turned into a huge community, thanks to a few users, like Wayoshi. Sadly, Trolls also attack Wikis like this one. A few Parody Wikis of it were made, for example, the UnMarioWiki, Super Malleo Wiki (which has been disabled), and the Super Luigi Wiki (which died in the ScribbleWiki crash). Its residents are known as MarioWikians.

The Super Mario Wiki was part of the Wiki Alliance, before the Wiki Alliance was scrapped and the DKWiki was merged with the Mario Wiki. The Mario Wiki now encompasses all of the information that the Wiki Alliance was meant to, which was essentially all series related to the Mario series. However, a spin-off wiki was made in Wikia, RareWiki, for Banjo and Conker information.

Running Jokes

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