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MY GLASSES ARE TOO BIG TO FIT ON MY FACE. A user with an original long name.

MY GLASSES ARE TOO BIG TO FIT ON MY FACE (Generally shortened as MGATBTFOMF due to a very long username) was one of Guiliant's sneaky disguises and his most famous one. It was not revealed that MGATBTFOMF was Guiliant until recently in which Guiliant confessed in chat of his monstrously, horribly, TERRIBLY EVIL (mwa ha ha ha) sockpuppeting plot, and began crying very deeply upon confessing. The wiki has forgiven him for this sockpuppet.

MGATBTFOMF only used Caps Lock across his whole user page which was covered with random pictures and random text. According to him, his glasses were too big and he couldn't see anything; he also claimed Rayquaza, Tabuu, Bowser and Jojora's Friends had big glasses and drew odd MS Paint pictures of them with huge glasses. Because of his funny MS Paint pictures he made, his sprites resemble a Bowser with large glasses. He was blocked by RAP for an unacceptable user name.

MGATBTFOMF has made only one appearance as of January 2011, where he appeared in A Spammers Revenge where he is a main villain.

Appearances in Media

Terror of the Trolls

MGATBTFOMF is scheduled to appear in Terror of the Trolls.

A Spammers Revenge

MGATBTFOMF is set to appear alongside Willy on Wheels and Jakebastille in A Spammers Revenge, where he is nicknamed Glasses.


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