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The Green Luma, representing Lumastar on NIWA wikis and the forums.
Member of: Chronologically
  • 1: Smashwiki
  • 2: Super Mario Wiki
  • 3: Super Mario Boards
  • 4: Userpedia
  • 1: Regular User
  • 2: Regular User
  • 3: Star Spirit/Poll Commitee
  • 4: Regular User
Species Star Manakete/Luma (occasionally)
Join date
  • 1: June 2nd, 2014
  • 2: June 2nd, 2014
  • 3: June 25th, 2014, 10:11:12 PM
  • 4: March 18th, 2015
Gender Male
Specialty/Most Active Swordfighting, counting (LOL, just joking!)

Time to post in all the counting threads.

Lumaball, Wikiball

Lumastar is a user on the Super Mario Wiki and Super Mario Boards.


Before joining the wiki, Lumastar was an ordinary nerd. He knew of the Super Mario Wiki for a while (his first exposure was the article for Super Mario Land), but he did not join yet. However, when he began editing on Smashwiki after the announcement of Mushroom Kingdom U and decided to spread his works to the larger Super Mario Wiki, his life changed forever!

Lumastar joined the forums to apply for The 'Shroom position of Travel Brochure. He failed, but he stayed on the forum. Oh yes! It took a while, but he soon became a "true user". He was on the Poll Commitee and used to write for the Pipe Plaza section of The 'Shroom, but he was removed from his positions for being inactive.

Original Character

Lumastar is a Linkish-looking Star Manakete who first appeared in New Wikisburg in June of 2014 as a drifter. He liked what he saw and decided to stay. While not giving off the best introduction, Lumastar soon became a notable member of the town. He wanted a home there, so he worked with some of the other users to pull a small planetoid (about the size of a larger house) down to the planet. The planet was placed in the middle of Trial Lake, and Lumastar lives there till this day.

While not too much is known of his past, he is an old friend of Rosalina's.

Powers & Abilities

Mastar Sword

Ignore the horrible pun, but be aware that Lumastar is a skilled swordsman with a dangerous sword. Lumastar can hold his own against most users in the wiki universe. He can perform moves that Link can, but he also has a few tricks of his own. He can perform a Starry Spinny Slicing Attack (AKA SSSA)), which is basically a Star Spin with his sword. He can fight in the air with his dragon wings. His sword also holds one more special power.

Dragon Stone

Lumastar's Mastar Sword features his Dragon Stone, which allows him to achieve ultimate power as Lumasire the Star Dragon. (Man, I'm horrible at naming these things!) Anyway, Lumasire is a much more powerful form. Lumastar gains better wings for advanced air combat, and he becomes a more dragonic threat, to say the least. The problem with this form is quite simple: it takes too much energy to hold forever. The more Lumasire fights, the less time he has before going back to his human form. Regardless, Lumasire should not be underestimated when he's around.

Unarmed Combat

While he relies on his sword, Lumastar (and his more powerful form, Lumasire) will drop his weapons any day. He is knowledgable in multiple martial arts, and he knows them for a reason.

Roles in User Projects

I Heard You Have a Dragon Problem?

Warning: Spoilers are in this section!

Before the events of the story, Lumastar died after Mario killed him for not coming to one of his parties. Regardless, he makes a few cameos in the comic, including Chapter 49 along with all of the other killed users.

No spoilers here!


Lumastar is also a part of the Wikiball craze. He first appears in Chapter 11 and makes several appearances in later comics. Lumastar himself actually made a short comic with one panel featuring him along with Icemario.

An Imperfect Breakfast

Lumastar appears in An Imperfect Breakfast as an ally to NEX and Star.

Lumastar on Super Mario Boards

  • Profile Page
  • Current Theme: IHYHADP Chapter 49
  • Lumastar spends much of his time on the forums posting in Mindless Junk and Forum Games, though he tries to post on other boards.
  • Past Themes: Green Luma, Shiny Zygarde, Villager, Duck Hunt, Black-and-White (in reference to It's a Wonderful Life), Mega Swampert, Ho-oh, Duck Hunt again (April Fools), Fiora, King Dedede
  • Mafia Logs:
    • Fronk Mafia, Green Fronk, Assassin/Watcher, Lynched Day 8 (won game)
    • Switcheroo Mafia, Innocent Vigilante, eradicated at the Endgame (lost game)
    • Super Smash Bros. 4 Mafia, Sonic, Innocent Tracker, Lynched Day 3 (won game)
    • Stamina Mafia, Innocent Saint, Shot Night 9 (won game)
    • Partners in Time Mafia, Young E. Gadd, Innocent Inventor, survived until end (won game)
    • Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Mafia, Yoshi, Innocent Bulletproof, vig killed Day 4 (lost game)
    • Standard Mafia I, Mafia Spy, lynched Day 4 (lost game)
    • Alex Mafia, Duncan, Innocent Doctor, N/A (N/A; host banned)
    • Pokemon Anime Mafia, Charizard, Innocent Grabber, eradicated at the Endgame (lost game)
    • Foolish Mafia, Mafia Fool, lynched Day 3 (lost game)
    • Fire Emblem Awakening Mafia, Frederick, Ylisse Watcher, stabbed Night 7 (lost game)
    • Xenoblade Chronicles Mafia, Lorithia, Zanza's Disciples, died Day 4 (lost game)
    • Negima! Mafia, Negi Springfield, Class 3-A Jack-of-all-Trades (cop, doctor, roleblock, watch/track), hung Night 5 (lost)
    • Shadowshy Mafia, The White Witch, Mafia Cop/Jinx/Vigilante/First in line Godfather, lynched Day 10 (lost game to Turboo)
    • Dream Team Mafia, Bowser, Mafia Roleblocker, survived until end (won game)
    • Super Paper Mafia, Merlon, Innocent Necromancer, bombed Night 1 (won game)
    • Packy Mafia, Michael Chain, Innocent Vigilante, shot Night 5 (won game)
    • Ace Attorney Mafia, Ron Delite (Mask*Demasque), Innocent Thief (Roleblocker)/Masker (lost game)
    • LN1 and DF Mafia, It's a secret to everybody! (pending)


Super Smash Bros.



Artwork of OC

In User Projects


  • Lumastar: What happens when Gull doesn't post?
  • Freakworld: A black hole consumes the entire world.
  • Lumastar: Then we better make sure he doesn't die or leave the forum.
  • Freakworld: Or we could place bet on what happens first. I'd say the first one.
  • Lumastar: Well... ...you're probably right.


  • Lumastar comes from "Master of Lumas" and "Star".
  • If you don't feel like typing his name out, Lumastar likes to go by Luma.
  • Lumastar made 3,000 posts on the forums in his first month there. He has made over 10,000 posts in his first year.
  • Lumastar's favorite Mario games are Super Mario Galaxy and Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door.
  • Lumastar has myopia (AKA is nearsighted) and wears glasses.
  • In the world of humans, Lumastar can go into depth on quite a lot of things. Of course, he still tries to joke often and asks a lot of questions!
  • If Icemario tells the good puns, then Lumastar tells the bad ones.
  • If Lumastar is being "offensive", don't worry; he's just joking (well, most of the time).
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