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LostGod2000 (aka Gahrchompeh, Iggy310, LostGod, lost2000, most commonly called LG2000) is a once sysop in UnMario, Pirates21 wikia, Weegee Wiki, and normal user in Pixar Wiki. His favorite Pokémon is Garchomp.


LostGod2000 found Wikia in early 2009 as an unregistered contributor, with UnMario being one of the first. He created a few articles in July which he was proud with, and created more. He met up with a user known as Family guy freak 2. Since he made an article heavily related to his, he thanked him. Later, after creating another page, FGF2 made a rival article. They argued until they finally agreed to settle with one article. FGF2 inspired LostGod to create an account. (note: LostGods username was originally going to be "TEHGOOMBA") LostGod participated in the UnBattle with Poff, and founded his own Wiki, Pirates21. When Poff came back with dozens of I.P. addressees, LostGod asked for admin permission. Mr. Guy promoted him. But because creating "Weegee" articles was against the law now, he was blocked because he "helped family guy". He later got unblocked by a user with the name "Javilus". He later got blocked, unblocked again, and blocked for a final time. He was trying to find a way to get unblocked, and is remarked by the fact that he thought he made Poff leave, going crazy over the fact. After being given another chance, LostGod remorse of the defeat of Poff. However, because of the new systems, LostGod left, leaving a sad goodbye message on his user page and his talk page. However, just before a week, LostGod2000 returned, and used his Mewtewn123 account. He is currently using his Mewten account, and will presumably stay that way. (though he pleads for his old account)

Appearance and Powers

LostGod2000 takes form of a spirit of a dragon killed in a desert. He can shapeshift into any form, so its hard to tell if its him. LostGod bears great resemblance to a Garchomp. He has control over many god powers, and likes fire. He can destroy and revive things. His most notable feature is his blades sticking out of his hands, which he uses as swords. He can shoot flame balls and give himself a fire forcefield. If he gets angry enough to do so, he can summon a meteor storm and transform into an ultimate form. Since he is now Mewten123, he has laser beams. LostGod is very intelligent and made two robots using only building parts, diamonds, two wires, and a machine gun.


LostGod keeps the tooth of a dragon he defeated long ago when he was alive.


LostGod can now shapeshift into a agile knight with real wolverine claws.


In real life, LostGod carries a Kendo Sword, and has used a sledgehammer. In wikia form, he carries a Katana, flamethrower, shotgun, sledgehammer, chainsaw (his favorite weapon), and rocket launcher.


Family guy freak 2/Ire flowa222

LostGod befreinded FGF while singing up. They are best friends, and have gone through many adventures together.


Another one of LostGod's great friends. He befriended him when he made edits to the "T-5000" article.


One of LostGod's enemies, he was blocked by LostGod multiple times. LostGod goes crazy over the fact that he made him leave, before learning it was all a mistake.


Another one of LostGod's enemies, he blocked his other account for infinite in hopes that will keep him away.

Sonic Rocks

LostGod despises SR, and was constantly trying to get revenge on him for mistaking him for a spammer.


LostGod happily makes edits to both his wiki and Weegee Wiki. He is hardly ever active on Pixar Wiki, though he tries his best. On UnMario, LostGod is unblocked, happily making edits. (and trying to convince other users to stop pleading for their old accounts)


LostGod is a serious man. He is very friendly, but gets annoyed quite easily. He is aggressive, but usually retains his kind personality. Sometimes, he blocks other users out of anger, and has even thought of flaming.

LostGod2000's good side depends. Normally, he is just serious. However, he has gone as far as celebrating in happiness when making a new friend.


  • LostGod is extremely aggressive and will pick a fight with any one who disturbs him, and blocks users that annoy him.
  • LostGod has a two cats, a dog, lizards, and a tarantula.
  • LostGod is skilled at video games.
  • LostGod loves Garchomp.
  • LostGod likes to be alone.