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Live from New Wikisburg

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Live from New Wikisburg
Hosted by Neurario
Debut Tuesday, April 21 2009
Update Schedule Biweekly
Genre Talk Show (Podcast)
Latest Episode #2
Rating Unclassified

I've got a song here, it's actually from one of the links you gave me."
"Uh oh.

Neurario and TehDman, Episode Zero
For technical specifications of this idea, please check out User:Neurario/LiveFromNewWikisburg.

Live From New Wikisburg was an audio podcast organized by Neurario. It was presented by a host, Neu, and it was originally planned to have a different guest (or two) each 'episode'. However, due to lack of interest in the signup forms, he usually just had himself and his partner Brayds2006 on the show. They talked about the new Userpedia content, interview users, and talk about user activity. It is now canceled due the fact that its host and editor are no longer present on the MarioWiki or Userpedia.

External Links

Episode One: BONK! ([1] [2])
Starring: Neurario, Brayds2006, TehDman and two minutes of SmartyGuy11
The introductory episode, despite being delayed ten or so minutes due to technical difficulties and sheer nervousness, actually turns out okay. For an improper, badly organized podcast, that is. Featuring such gags as Brayds randomly dropping out of the chat about once every five minutes and a cameo from someone that cracked our hosts up for an absurdly long time and that the co-host; SmartyGuy11 only just got up in time to catch the last few minutes.

Featuring Daniels as our sound mixer, saving the show quality and surpassing all my expectations. Thanks so much to all involved, and see you next Friday night/Saturday morning.


Episode Two: Will we really be Live? Part I 1/2 2/2 Part II 1/2 2/2
Starring: Daniels, Brayds2006 and some of Neurario
This episode introduced a new format for LFNW - it was streamed live on May 23 and was racked with caveats. One: Neurario was originally unable to attend due to stress; Two: When Neurario DID manage to join during Part 2, so much was going on on his end that he eventually gave up and left for a hiatus during the podcast; and three...ummm...

However, Daniels and Brayds salvage what they can of the podcast, and still manage to deliver some opinions and thoughts on the matter of everything Userpedia.


Episode Three



  • Neurario
  • Former Hosts
    • SmartyGuy11 (Episode 1, resigned due to large inconveniences, time zone wise).


A podcast is a show that you can download to listen to. Some podcasts are available through iTunes (through the iTunes Store, or Podcasts tab) if you have an iPod Classic/Nano/Video/Touch or iPhone; if you have a Zune device, you can use Zune Social to get podcasts. If you have a portable media device you want to listen to podcasts on, either make sure podcasts are supported, or copy the episodes onto the device itself. You can download podcasts manually by right-clicking and saving the podcast's MP3 link to download the episode. It is even possible to stream the MP3 from the Internet using software like VLC Media Player. So why are we making a podcast? Here's our reasoning:

  • It's different. You're used to reading people's thoughts on a discussion page. Well, why not have the discussion come to life, spoken by Userpedia's many users?
Being the first of its kind, this also means in a way it's setting a new milestone for Userpedia creations, if done right.
  • It features your favorite users (maybe). No, I'm not being full of myself here: hopefully each episode will be host to a new guest, sharing their view on the latest content, having their chance to talk about their work.
  • It's weekly. That's just often enough to be a possible staple of your Userpedia feed, without getting too much, or too hard for us to make.
If you have further questions on how to listen to this podcast, contact Neurario.