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List of Userpedia comic genres

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A list of the comic genres on Userpedia.


Humor comics are the most common comics, as well as the shortest-lived.


Parody comics are a sub-genre of humor comics. They are usually identical to real-life TV shows or movies, but with some characters changed or switched out. They are the most commonly created comics, but only one or two of them have ever had more than one issue. Despite the genre being one of the most heavily criticized due to its lack of originality, Friday Night Live- often hailed as the greatest humor comic in the wiki- is a parody comic.

Known parody comics are as follows:

Due to the short-lived nature of parody comics, they are often deleted very quickly, with the result that the details of many parody comics cannot be accessed; thus, this list does not have as many parody comics as it would if all information was available.

Random Skits

The first-ever usercomic was a random skit comic, making this the oldest genre. Random skit comics were highly popular during the Editthis era and the beginning of the Scribblewiki era, but the rise of the epic genre led to most random skit comics being abandoned in favor of the epics.
Known random skit comics are as follows:

Much like parody comics, random skit comics are usually short-lived, so that the details of many parody comics cannot be accessed; thus, this list does not have as many random skit comics as it would if all information was available.


Adventure comics are the most popular comics to read on the wiki, but definitely not the most popular to make.


Epic comics are those which are about a journey or a saga of some sort, and are (usually) very long, detailed, and popular. They were extremely popular in 2007 and 2008, leading to a rise in comics which are considered classics today.
Known epic comics are as follows:


Post-epic comics are those which are heavily influenced by the epic comics movement of 2008, but are also influenced (though less so) by other genres. Post-epic comics became popular during the Adriels era.
Known post-epic comics are as follows:

Basic Adventure

Basic adventure comics are more simple than epic and post-epic comics, and often do not last as long. Known basic adventure comics are as follows:


Genres that are not very well-known yet, or have only one or two comics in that style.


Surrealist comics have become increasingly popular, though they are nowhere near as popular as humor comics and comics. Known surrealist comics are as follows:

Surrealist Epic

These comics are a cross between the epic comic genre and the surrealist comic genre.