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List of Jorge's Bots

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This is a list of bots Paper Jorge has created on mIRC.

Ronald McDonald

Date: August 2008
Location: #unmario

Ronald McDonald was Jorge's first bot. Residing in the UnMario Wiki chat, users could virtually order a McDonald's meal from him by typing in !order. Ronald then presented a list of options that the user could buy-and then after the user chose what he wanted to eat, Ronald asked what drink he or she wanted and asked if he or she wanted ice or not. If the user had chosen a Happy Meal, Ronald would ask what gender the user was and if he was a boy, Ronald would give a Barbie toy to him. If she was a girl, Ronald would give a car toy to her. Ronald also had a few other features such as kicking an user when they said "Burger King". Occasionally, Ronald would also drop in #forest and although people enjoyed it at first, people got annoyed. After Jackie Chan was made, Ronald was removed a little after.

Jackie Chan

Date: August 2008
Location: #paperchat

Jackie Chan was a bot contained references to Jackie Chan movies and his cartoon series and also gave news about his upcoming films and films in progress. However, due to the fact no one was interested in Jackie Chan, the bot died quickly.

Stick Figure

Date: June 2009
Location: #sillyhatclub

The Stick Figure bot was a great return to Jorge for bot making. Due to this, the bot contained several glitches but was popular when it was first made. The bot was made for Toadbert101 and had several references to the popular YouTube series "Stick Figures on Crack". One of the things he did if you typed in "!throw (user)" Stick Figure would throw a Fanta Can at whoever user you typed in. The bot was shortlived and only lived two days before Jorge hanged him on a tree.

Michael Scott

Date: June 2009
Location: #dundermifflin

Michael Scott was an "upgraded" version of Stick Figure made a day later. His commands were altered slightly and he also had added commands such as posting random FMLs from fmylife.com. After Jorge accidentally left his commands on while he was at #mariowiki, Turboo began using the commands and Jorge was almost banned from the chat due to using a bot. Jorge simply deleted all the commands and Michael was killed. Michael was a reference to the main character in the television series The Office.

Rainbow Jorge

Date: June 2009
Location: Many chats

Rainbow Jorge is Jorge's most popular bot created with MindLoop. Lasting around a whole week, RJ, like Mip II created random sentences that would sometimes actually make sense, which lead to really funny situations and for that, he was liked very much. The difference between the two though was that RJ learned words from Mip II so RJ had more speech than Mip. Due to the fact he learned text from other people, Rainbow Jorge soon began getting perverted and people began disliking him. As such Jorge had to delete everything he had learned every few hours to stop him from getting too perverted. His popularity rose so much many other people began making their own MindLoop bots. Then, Rainbow Jorge joined the same chat where there were five other bots and soon it became a huge random flood of words. Jorge then made three other bots to make the bot party bigger. A couple days after that, Rainbow Jorge got on people's nerves and he was hanged by Jorge, similar to Stick Figure.

Super Mega Death Jorge 2000

<Jorge> Michael_Scott, Life
<Super_Mega_Death_Jorge_2000> Meh. Life is dumb crap.

Jorge and SMDJ2000, Chat

Date: July 24, 2009, Late August 2009
Location: #paperchat

Super Mega Death Jorge 2000 is a bot made for Paper Jorge's 13th birthday party on chat. His commands are a mix of Stick Figure, Michael Scott and with some removed commands and some added commands. He was originally going to have MindLoop enabled but it was cut in the final version of the bot. This robotic Jorge is an aggressive beast, as for a short time he had a command on that if someone typed in "`set Super_Mega_Death_Jorge_2000 terminate on" he would shout "TERMINATE!" three times and then kick a random user out of #paperchat and then say "TERMINATE!" again. At one point, he also did `clear users. This aggression of him was turned off after it got out of hands. He also randomly popped in #mariowiki shouting "TERMINATE!".

One of his more popular commands was !FML which posted a random FML from Fmylife.com on the person's query. Another command of his was "Michael_Scott, ____" where people could ask the bot/Michael Scott opinions on a certain subject (see above quote). Weeks later, work on Super Mega Death Jorge 3000 began and a beta version was released. After Turboo requested a new bot be made called Goombario, all of SMDJ3000's commands were deleted and Goombario was a failure for the fact he had numerous glitches. Turboo took matters into her own hands and created her own Goombario bot. This robot's name comes from Super Mecha Death Christ 2000 from The Angry Video Game Nerd - Super Mario Bros. 3 episode. On August 29, 2009, a bot named Weldar appeared although the only commands he had is tell time/date, attack other people and calculate the possibility of successful relationship between two people.