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Link Jorge: Many Swords Adventures

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Link Jorge: Many Swords Adventures is a game based off a fad that started in chat made by Shroobario, Paper Jorge and Toadbert101. It was published by M&Ms Studios.



Paper Jorge was having a good day eating muffins as usual, watching The Office and getting fatter and fatter, but then there was a sudden bomb on his house. He was thrown off his fat ass and fell unconsious. When he awoke, he was no longer in his house, but in a forest. He heads out of the forest and discovers a small town. He heads in and finds three familiar faces sitting in a pub, Toadbert101, Super-Yoshi and Shroobario. Jorge greets them, but they don't reconize him. Jorge wonders if he's dreaming when Wayoshi comes into the pub and demands that Jorge follow him. His three friends come to his resque and knock Wayo out, so the four escape.

They buy some cloaks, in white, green and blue, Toadbert getting scrapes from the latter two, and left the town. The three explain that Wayoshi is the big bad guy with a lot of McDonalds toys, that do evil things. Jorge asks them what has happened, and they tell their story:

Their land was once peaceful with McDonalds Fries in the air and stuff, but then the evil Wayoshi came to the land and corrupted the fries. He forced them to make him every single Happy Meal toy available, and has since begun taking over the land with them. Shrooby, Toadbert and S-Y have been working in secret to take down his forces and free the land, but they were slowly losing.

Jorge wonders what happened when the bomb back in the Mario Wiki struck, and if the other three lost their memories, but for now his team has got to get away from Wayoshi, and his evil toys.


The Jorges decide to use "Jorge" as a codename, and have each member named "Jorgexx" wherre the xx is part of the person's real name. The four set out and find each of their swords, and fight weak McDonalds toys along the way. As the exit the forest however, Wayoshi finds them secretly.


The Jorge's enter the town. But soon, an army of Happy Meal toys rampages the town. The Jorge's fight them off, but find the culprit heading towards Mt. Jagged, a mean mean mountain. The Jorge team follows, and has to use their skills this journey.


The Jorge's get to the top of the mountain, only to find that the culprit was not Wayoshi, but rather, a very large Hot Wheels car, commanding a army of small Happy Meal Hot Wheels cars. The Big Car flees over a small rickedy bridge to the peak of the next mountain, and the Jorge's follow, fighting through the onslaught of cars.


The Jorges finally make it to the other mountain, and after a bit of climbing, corner the big Car and fight. After knocking the car off of the mountain, they win.


Defeating a general of his army, Wayoshi becomes aware of how strong the Jorge's are. He sends his next set of troops towards them...

Meanwhile, the Jorge's head back over the bridge to the first mountain, but it suddenly breaks off. The Jorges attempt to climb up it like a ladder, but the other end breaks off too, when suddenly a strange figure tries to grab the bridge, but he falls off. The five users fall into a very deep canyon with a river (as usual). The new person decides to join the Jorges, and the group of five heads down the canyon.



Link Jorges

Each Link Jorge has his own special skill or stats and has his own color. The player can have up to four Link Jorges at a time during gameplay and can switch one out for another at any time. The game starts with only four Jorges but as the game continues, the player uncovers more and more Jorges that join the party.

Jorge Color Description
Jorgepj White Weakest one of them all, can fit through small cracks or holes to uncover secret items. He is the only character in the game that needs to have a sword as all other character's swords are optional/unlockable. His sword is called the "Paper Sword" and it is found early in the game.
Jorgetb Green and Blue Can heal other team members with dinner. Near the end of the game he becomes a double agent and leaves the party to be with the Jorge Rebels but this was an act, and helps the Jorges defeat Wayoshi. If the player unlocks it early in the game, TB101 can have the "Spaghetti Sword".
Jorges-y Green Carries a gun around and shoots enemies with it and usually results in instant kills. Other unlockable guns can be obtained as well. If the player also unlocks it, Jorges-y can obtain the "Fresh Sword".
Jorgegp Blue Carries a lazer gun used to paralyze enemies so another character can easily defeat them. Can also charge up objects. If the player unlocks it, Jorgegp can obtain the "Greedy Sword".
Jorgejf Black Can take out a motorcycle into the field and the other Jorges can hop on and ride around the overworld to get around the place faster. If the player unlocks it, Jorgejf can obtain the "Dark Sword".
Jorgerfm Red Can shoot out fireballs. Every fireball he shoots out drains his Fire Power so he must collect Fire Flowers to rise up his power. The fireballs can start fires that can either be good or bad. If the player unlocks it, Jorgerfm can obtain the "Fire Sword".
Jorgebb Medium Aquamarine Similar to Shrooby, Jorgebb carries a tazer and can charge up objects more effectively and defeat enemies outright rather than just paralyzing them. However, the tazer runs on a battery so Jorgebb must keep collecting batteries. If the player unlocks it, Jorgebb can obtain the "Auto Sword".
Jorgepg Purple
Jorgetbd Navy Slowest Jorge in the game, but also third strongest. Can use claw attack to easily defeat enemies. If the player unlocks it, Jorgetbd can obtain the "Legendary Sword".
Jorgesm Red and Blue Fastest Jorge in game, can spindash and use the Homing Attack on enemies, can also get through small openings, Jorgepj cannot. If the player unlocks it, Jorgesm can obtain the "Soup Sword".
Jorgecd Silver
Jorge132 Dark Blue Carries around a long, yellow rope that can attach itself to enemies or items. Betrays the Jorges near the end, calling it very retarded and joins Wayo. If the player unlocks it, Jorge132 can obtain the "Reaper Sword".
Jorge 502 Copper
Jorgesvs Orange
PorpleJorgetage Gray Strongest and heaviest character in the game but not the slowest. Can use short distance firebreath on enemies. If the player unlocks it, PorpleJorgetage can have the "D Sword".
Jorgesg Pigment Blue Can use a short range attack that makes enemies fall asleep. If the player unlocks it, Jorgesg can obtain the "Historic Sword".
Jorgetoto Light Blue with Light Green Is able to spit out water out of mouth, able to push enemies away or cause other events such as being able to put out fires. If the player unlocks it, Jorgetoto can have the "Mongoose Sword".
Master Jorge Can use a special mind control power and can levitate himself and other Jorges and can shoot Aura Spheres at enemies. If the player unlocks it, Master Jorge can obtain the "Lucario Sword".
Jorgeka Apricot Can bend some metal objects such as poles or bars and sometimes warns the Jorges about incoming dangers. If the player unlocks it, Jorgeka can obtain the "Abra Sword".
Jorgetrboo Green and White The last character in the game, Jorgetrboo can disappear so enemies cannot spot her. This way, she can get into enemy's bases. If the player unlocks it, Jorgetrboo can obtain the "Chozo Sword".
He Must be Jorge Crimson Unlockable/optional character in the game, can replace Toadbert after he leaves. He Must be Jorge bakes cookies that can heal other characters. If the player unlocks it, He Must be Jorge can have the "Chocolate Chip Sword". Also referred to as Jorhemu for short.

Major Enemies

  • Wayoshi - Rebel of the Jorges, plans to take this 'Fad of Fail' down with his Mario Kart Wii and Netplay skills. Wayoshi is the Final Boss of the game.
  • Tabuuownsall132x2 - Betrays the Jorges in the later levels.
  • Boxer 502 - Betrays the Jorges in the later levels.



  • This game is based off The Legend of Zelda: 4 Swords, and was suggested by Shroobario.
  • This game was going to be called 4 Swords Adventures, but after DHS joined, it became 5 and so on, until it became to many.