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Don't watch me, watch TV!

LilBooster, Mario Wiki chat

LilBooster is a Boo and a user in MarioWiki. He is a peace loving Boo and has many friends. It is known that he can be a bit random sometimes. He loves to wear a wizard suit since he likes magic. His favorite food is cookies. He has Elvis-Like hair and also has a crush on Miss Magic Boo. He has two siblings, who are believed to actually be sockpuppets.


LilBooster (real name Boosty) was given birth in Boo Mansion by Lady Bow. Bow was very happy that she had this baby. One day, she got fed up of parenting and she put the baby up for adoption. Then that's when Booster came with his Snifits and adopted him. He wasn't very good at naming babies so he just called him, LilBooster. (Note the "Lil" in his name) He once had a adventure with the Mario Bros. and co. when he was 7. Then, once LilBooster was raised to 10, Booster said that he should let him be free to where ever he wants. So then LilBooster thought of going to Mushroom Way to battle monsters for fun. Suddenly, a void appeared beside him. He touched it and he got warped into the Internet Dimension. He was lost in the server until one of the Arrow Bros. guided him to Super Mario Wiki. He ended up in Leet Town and thanked the arrow. Then he walked to this amazing tower called, Sysop Tower. He was amazed and went in. Xzelion spotted LilBooster and asked what he was doing here. He replied, "Me? Oh I'm looking around. I don't know what this place is!" "So your not a user here?" asked Xzelion, "Ok. Come to the Check in desk and I'll sign you up." So then Xzelion signed up LilBooster and he became a wiki user. Also, He met other friends such as, Toadbert101, Beanbean and more. And then he lived as a peaceful wiki user happily ever after...


Toadbert101's Doofus Adventure

In this comic, All the users were trapped in the recycle bin by Commander l33t. But the Users managed to escape the folder that there in by fizzing up graveyard and letting it loose on the wall (also adding Mentos). After that the users were out of their folder leaving the "Steve" and "SMWiki" folder in existence. Then, all the users saw the "RESTORE ALL ITEMS" link and TB101, TW and PLUMs were approaching the link but they suddenly got electrified. Then LB came and said he can phase through the force and hit the link. So then he phased through except the link was fake! So 1337Yoshi said he'll use his 1337Blast to get as all out. And so he did and the users managed to escape.

The Lost Adventures

In this comic, LilBooster is first seen in Issue #19. He was traveling to Uniju's Realm and once he was at Uniju's home he realized that Uniju isn't there. Then, a male shift came asking if he's seen him before. He obviously hasn't. LilBooster doesn't reply. The Shift then says that this place is private and says he shouldn't be here. LilBooster then replies saying that he knows the owner. Then another shift comes and places a ! Block on the floor. The shift somehow gets infected and chases after the other shift. While that was happening, LilBooster faded away.

When Sysops Attack!

In this comic, LilBooster is one of the users who are going to help MC (Along with: Bean, 3D, Smiddle, DryBones) search for Toadbert101. Because Toadbert101 was spamming and he was caught my Porplemontage. This wasn't Toadbert101's fault as you can see, Xzelion set him up. Porple fell for Xzelion's plan and banned Toadbert101. He is now lost somewhere and the gang are going to search for him. But this isn't Xzelion's fault either. Xzelion is possessed by an evil.... thing.

Purple Yoshi Comics

In this comic, LilBooster appears in Comic 3. He threw a party. He then got trapped with Jaller2, YellowYoshi398 and other users in the actual game Super Paper Mario.


LilBooster's Gifts

It is suprising how LilBooster received his powers. He did receive his powers before he joined the wiki except the Recover move. His first power received was obviously Invisibility as a regular Boo always receives this power at the age of 5. Then another day when he was with one of Booster's Snifits LilBooster had a sun staring challenge. LilB and the Snifit were both staring at the sun. The snifit then gave up and LilB was left staring at the sun for 7 hours. That's how he learned the Wink attack. Another day, LilBooster was with Yoshi exploring the woods. They came upon a giant yellow or gold star that could surprisingly talk. The star thought that LilBooster was a famous person all because he was with Yoshi. So then, the star obeyed LilBooster and that's how LilBooster learned Dark Star. And he finally learned his Recover attack from Master Crash. Master Crash taught him this move so good but couldn't teach himself!


  • LilBooster is 11 years old.
  • He was partially named after Booster, although his real name was supposed to be Boosty.
  • He has a unseen house in Leet Town.
  • He has a little brother called BooKid.


  • [1] - LilBooster and his dad.
  • [2] - LilBooster's appearance without his hat.
  • [3] - LilBooster and his friends.


  • Dash - Dashes at one enemy doing 5/10 HP Damage.
  • Outta Sight - Turns only ONE ally invisible for 1 turn. (Unsimilar to Starbel's Outta Sight)
  • Shooting Star - Summons Shooting Stars to fall from the sky onto the enemies doing 15HP damage to all.
  • Star Slam - Summons a Giant golden star to fall on all enemies doing 10HP damage to all. Thus paralyzing them for 3 turns.
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