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Legends of the Fallenstar

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Legends of the Fallenstar
Creator SnackServ
Debut October 26, 2007
Genre Epic
Latest Issue 27 (Canceled)
Rating T for Teen

Legends of the Fallenstar was a sprite comic created by SnackServ. It was, along with The Lost Adventures, Crocodile Dippy's The Shadow Chronicles, and Toadbert101's When Sysops Attack!, one of the four best known and most popular Userpedia epic comics. It was perhaps the most popular of the four, and was referenced in other works such as Master Wikians and parodied in Smiddle's short-lived Oh No, Not Another Comic!.


In midsummer, a radar station near Leet Town detects a meteor on a collision course with the town, prompting the Sysops to quietly evacuate the population to New Wikisburg under the guise of an evacuation drill. However, Master Crash and Max2 suspect something unusual is happening, and stay behind, prompting 3Dejong to search for Max. They run into Snack, who got lost attempting to attend Uniju's birthday party, who claims to have overheard a Sysop speaking of a meteor set to impact Leet Town.

The four head to the Leet Hills to watch the meteor, and then decide to investigate the crater, and narrowly survive a second meteor impact. At the site, they discover a spaceship encased in side a meteor, as well as unwittingly unleash a shape-shifting alien species, which attacks them when the group again converges at Uniju's party, starting a conflict between the Wikians and the aliens.

History and Reception

Snackserv was inspired by a scientific theory postulating that life on Earth originated on another body in the universe and was carried to Earth on some form of space debris (Exogenesis) to create a story of new forms of life being brought to Earth by a meteorite, which evolved into the story of aliens bent on conquest arriving on the planet in a meteor and a group of Wikians working to stop them.

Throughout the first half of the series' year long run, it was very popular and well received, with users such as 3Dejong and Blitzwing considering it to be the best Userpedia sprite comic. As the frequency of releases slowed later in the run, it's popularity died down, but it remained well respected, and is today remembered as a high point in Userpedia history along with it's contemporaries.


Name Comic Date Comments
Issue #1
October 26, 2007 The rough draft version of the first comic, which was previewed to Pokemon DP and Uniju.
Prologue / Chapter One
The Meteor
LFS 1.png
October 26, 2007 The final (But still rough) version of the first comic, which was the first to be generally released. For some reason, it was universally acclaimed.
Chapter Two
The Evacuation
LFS 2.png
October 26, 2007 Probably one of the better chapters. On the other hand, it was essentially just a single (Protracted) gag scene and the graphics remained terrible.
Chapter 3
A Bureaucrat's Honor
LFS 3.png
October 31, 2007 A prime example of why the comic doesn't hold up well today; Flashy effects, yes, but bad graphics on the whole, too talky, and with terrible writing.
Chapter 4
The Ones who Stayed Behind
LFS 4.png
November 6, 2007 This comic mirrored Pokemon DP's real world promotion to Sysop, albeit fictionalized, an example of the fiction of the time's tendency to take inspiration from real events.
Chapter 5
LFS 5.png
November 7, 2007 Not very much happened issue-by-issue in the old sprite comics, although they often came out every day, mitigating this.
Chapter 6
Ground Zero
LFS 6.png
November 7, 2007 Meteors can turn towns into deserts, but apparently can't kill protagonists.
Chapter 7
LFS 7.png
November 15, 2007 As usual, the graphics are a mixed bag. The special effects are good, but everything I had to draw myself is terrible. Case in point, the Fallenstar ship itself. The mega-sized frames became something of a hallmark of mine, as also seen in my Mario Awards 2009 comic.
Chapter 8
Mysteries of LI-237
LFS 8.png
November 19 or 20, 2007 In hindsight, the alien superpower capsules weren't a good idea, and that whole plot element was later quietly retconned.
Chapter 9
Before the Storm
LFS 9.png
November 23 or 24, 2007 I can not for the life of me remember what exactly the New Wikisburg scene meant, or rather was supposed to mean. I do remember that it didn't turn out right, which is obvious from the nonsensical dialogue.
Chapter 10
Awakening Force
LFS 10.png
November 30, 2007 The writing is still quite bad, and some scenes, such as Master Crash's internal monologue (Which connected with the aforementioned retconned "Alien superpowers" element) don't hold up either, but the Uniju's Realm arc is still where the comic is at it's best.
Chapter 11
Rough Start
LFS 11.png
December 7, 2007 Another hallmark of my work on LFS are the close-up action shots. As chapter eleven is nothing but a single action sequence, they are on full display in it.
Chapter 12
Rough Start
LFS 12.png
December 14, 2007 Not much to say about this chapter, as it's just a direct continuation of the action of the previous chapter.
Chapter 13
The Yellow Giant
LFS 13.png
December 21, 2007 Just like chapter twelve, chapter thirteen just continued the same ongoing action sequence that started off-screen in chapter ten. This chapter did, however, introduce the "Director's Notes" section, which would appear sporadically and have nothing smart to say. Ever.
Chapter 14
War and Sacrifice
LFS 14.png
December 24, 2007 Again, not much to say other than reiterating my dislike of the comic's writing. This was probably about where the comic's popularity was highest.
Chapter 14.5
A Tale of Christmas
LFS Special 1.png
December 25 or 26, 2007 The infamously bad LFS Christmas Special. On the other hand though, the response at the time was quite positive, and graphically it's quite good.
Chapter 15
Team Fallenstar
LFS 15.png
December 27, 2007 A mediocre but inoffensive chapter, and the end of the Uniju's Realm arc. The mention of Blitzwing, Chaos Ninji, Girrrtacos, and Purple Yoshi being promoted to Patroller rank is, like Pokemon DP's promotion, based on real events.
Chapter 16
Pure of Heart, Pure of Rage
LFS 16.png
December 31, 2007 I had remembered this comic being terrible, but it isn't quite as bad as I thought. The Director's Notes for it are physically painful though. Max2's death was written in as he had left and opinions of him had turned very negative. 3D in the particular asked me to make Max2 no longer be associated with him in the comic.
Chapter 17
Toadbert Alone
LFS 17.png
January 1, 2008 Toadbert does stuff. Aliens act incompetently. Nothing much else really.
Chapter 18
A Call to Action
LFS 18.png
January 7 or 8, 2008 A chapter that definitely holds up better than the average. People were surprised I treated the Christmas Special as canonical.
Chapter 19
Memories that Dance
LFS 19.png
January 26, 2008 One of the stupidest plot elements was that Master Crash and Xzelion were descended from an alien and could contact her spirit. Because of this (Along with the bit about the fictional death of Master Crash's mother, which in hindsight was quite insensitive), this chapter isn't one of the better ones.
Chapter 20
The Cosmic Messiah, Rythem
LFS 20.png
February 8, 2008 Son of Suns was intended to come off as a harsh drill sergeant character, but turned out seeming like an idiot. Meanwhile, I seemed like an idiot by misspelling "Rhythm" as "Rythem" for the name of the new antagonist character.
Chapter 21
Wrapped in Black
LFS 21.png
March 6, 2008 The old photo effect may have been a bit overwrought. Burt calling Phoenix Rider "Phoenix Wright" got a chuckle out of me, unlike most of the other jokes in the series.
Chapter 22
Toadbert Alone Part II
LFS 22.png
Unknown Lots to say about this one. As chapter twenty-two was the last one posted on the MarioWiki Forum thread, I have no idea when this chapter was released. The main part suffers from quite poor writing, but I did find a use for Toadbert's "Mr 101" sprites, an entry into a fad of the time of evil-ish "Mr" versions of users. My short lived comedy strip "Adventures in Bizarreland" made it's debut with a rather unfunny strip as well.
Chapter 23
LFS 23.png
Unknown Another comic with mediocre writing and another unfunny Adventures in Bizarreland strip. Apparently Rythem's only move is running into things, but this does seem to light said things on fire.
Chapter 24
Flight of the Fallenstar
LFS 24.png
Unknown Yet another poorly written comic, with poor graphics and inexplicable events to boot. Uniju described this chapter as essentially "Master Wikians IN SPACE". The accompanying Adventures of Bizarreland strip is no better, and (Justifiably) offended Pokemon DP.
Chapter 25
Days of the Fallenstar
LFS 25 pt1.png

LFS 25 pt2.png
Unknown The only two-part chapter I ever made. A collection of five short stories made by me as well as Pokemon DP and Uniju. Only two of them are really relevant to the larger plot. Those two (Both made by me) and Uniju's Neon Genesis Evangelion inspired piece are, in hindsight, exactly what was wrong with the comic, while my last piece is everything wrong with the series' sense of humor. While not as ambitious, DP's piece in my opinion holds up the best. This comic also features age ratings from the Userpedia SCA (Sprite Comic Association), which never really got off the ground.
Chapter 26
LFS 26.png
Unknown Beach episode. Another badly written chapter, but by this time, the comic had gotten quite competent graphically.
Chapter 27
LFS 27.png
October 26, 2008 This chapter doesn't seem to have a title, just a number. I only bothered to finish it to coincide with the first anniversary of the first chapter's release. By this time the comic had lost it's popularity and I had tired of making it, and so this was the last chapter made.


A number of extras were produced alongside the comic during its run and after.

Crew files

Cards were produced halfway through for several major characters.

The Shakugan no Shana pic

The Shakugan no Shana pic.

The titular Fallenstar spacecraft was added to a screengrab from the anime Shakugan no Shana as an ineffectual "prank" on Guiliant, who understandably refused to believe the allegation that a split-second Fallenstar easter egg appeared in an anime.

Retrospective comic

The retrospective comic ripping off Friday Night Live.

Sometime in 2009 based on dialogue in the comic, an MST3K-style retrospective comic was produced. In retrospective, it was just as terrible as the comic itself was. It rips off Friday Night Live.

Sprite and Background Credits

Below is reproduced the sprite and background credits list from the Legends of the Fallenstar thread on the MarioWiki Forums. This list is out of date and thus presumably highly incomplete.

  • Shift sprites by Uniju
  • Uniju sprites by Uniju
  • Toad sprites ripped by Saturn Echidna
  • Moogle sprites ripped by Wolf Fire
  • Pokemon DP sprites by Pokemon DP and Max2
  • Master Crash sprites by Master Crash
  • Max2 sprites by Knife
  • Max the Dog sprites by Max2
  • 3D sprites by 3dejong and Knife
  • Toadbert101 sprites by Toadbert101
  • All other character sprites from the "King Sheet" and the "Troll Sheet"
  • Subway train and station sprites by Uniju
  • Most backgrounds ripped by Ryan914 and EternalLight
  • Computer sprites by HC_Missile
  • Hill background by myself (Snack)
  • Trash can sprite by Uniju
  • HooHooRos Gate background ripped by XenoDream
  • Impact crater background created from a photo taken by the user "Cburnett" on Wikipedia
  • Spaceship sprites by myself, Snack
  • Meteor sprites ripped by SmithyGCN
  • Meteor background by A.J. Nitro
  • Desert mountains background ripped by Zero the Hedgehog
  • Super Mario Galaxy star launcher thing by Ken Martin
  • Torpedo Ted sprites by tachin
  • Boo Guy sprites ripped by Esteban
  • Uniju's Castle backgrounds by Uniju
  • Food sprites by Master Crash
  • GBA sprite from the Sblaka Console Sprite Project
  • Glurp sprites ripped by Koopa Master
  • Frijjle Miniboss sprites by Uniju
  • Chukolator sprites ripped by Frario
  • Storm Yoshi sprites by Pokemon DP
  • Willy/Paintroller sprites ripped by Victor t.h.
  • Cobold sprites by Plumber
  • ChaosNinji sprites by Pokemon DP
  • Beanbean sprites by Plumber
  • M&L style blocks ripped by A.J. Nitro