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Great, its a deal!

LKirby in chat

LKirby is a User on Super Mario Wiki and Userpedia. He is best friends with GreenThunder. He is a big Paper Mario fan and was introduced to the series by Greenthunder, he owns all the games but the original, and finds that Super Paper Mario is the least fun and interesting of the series.


LKirby was told about the Super Mario Wiki and about Userpedia by his friend from Real Life, GreenThunder. He then joined, at GT's request, the two wikis and had an article created for him on Userpedia.

Future Plans

LKirby plans to eventually create a comic once he has mastered his wiki skills and has completed his sprites.


LKirby is a pretty simple guy, he is thought of as nice by his friends and usually never gets mad. He is calm and loves to make up funny stories.


Suddenly waking up in Castle Bleck can't be a good thing. LKirby has a mysterious past, one which he can't remember. The shadow crystals embedded in his crown surely aren't something good... yet LKirby remains true to his heart. LKirby refrains from doing bad, but is sometimes led in the wrong direction, with a double personality you never know what he might do. More will be revealed once LKirby begins his comic series. His moves include ShadowBreath, IceFlow, IceKick, GalaxiaStorm, Inhale, Exhale, Copy ability, Shadow punch, Dark Flurry (more will be added soon)


  • LKirby's real name is Jack.
  • LKirby's favorite food of all time is "Shrimp Scampi."
  • LKirby's best friend in real life is GreenThunder.
  • LKirby's favorite game of all time is CaveStory for Wii.
  • LKirby has intense arachnophobia. (Usually when arachnids come close.)
  • LKirby is a Roman Catholic Christian, and attends church regularly.
  • He is playing Mother 3 and is a good portion into the game.
  • His profile on Minecraft is Jraygamer and he owns Alpha mode.
  • LKirby is currently taking two accelerated classes.
  • LKirby has an immense interest in drawing funny-looking doodles.
  • LKirby was once bitten by a spider, but unfortunately it was not radioactive.
  • LKirby wants to make the best game of all time, but would rather just play it instead of making it.
  • LKirby loves the Legend of Zelda series. His favorite game in the series is Wind Waker.
  • LKirby has a strange habit of getting strep throat during the holidays...
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