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Krizzy Personal Picture.PNG
Member of: Super Mario Wiki,Userpedia, and Mario Wiki Forum
Species Spiked Glowing Red Koopa
(Koopus troopus reddan spikia)
Location Wikisboro
Gender Male
Allies many
Likes Mario, Legend of Zelda, eating, sleeping, occasional breathing
Aliases The Spiked Red One, Mortimermcmirestinks, mortmcmirestinks, fightatmyplace
Age Over 9000

Krizzy is a user on several places, including Super Mario Wiki, Mario Wiki Forum, and Userpedia.


Super Mario Wiki

He stumbled across the Super Mario Wiki (literally, it shot out in front of him and knocked him over) and decided to be a user there in early 2010. His first edit was on Tumble; which is ironic, as he does not actually own the game in which Tumble appears.


He was on the Super Mario Wiki Forum and found many references to Userpedia, so he came and checked it out, then got an account, in late 2010. He got preoccupied with other things (including saving the universe as we know it, preventing implosion of the planet Earth, and learning to make lasagna properly) midway through 2011 and has only recently come back.


He looks basically like a normal red Koopa, except for the prominent white spike on his back and the obvious glowing. He has bright red eyes and he always wears red shoes. He glows brighter when he's happier. He has a little cottage in the hills of Wikisboro, and always keeps a full ? box outside for travelers. He is generally social, but when he's angry, he can smoke through his nostrils. If he gets killed, he (much like others of the Koopa family) will come back as a Dry Bones.




The Paper Mario.com-ic

He was writing The Paper Mario.com-ic, with him, New Super Mario, and BaseballYoshi24 as main heroes. It has been cancelled, as he is now working on a different comic.

The Three Mushketeers

Krizzy first appeared in Issue 109 of The Three Mushketeers and was the villain for several issues. He ended up dying when he fell down a pit forever, but he got better.


Allo allo allo Userpedians everywhere!

Krizzy's signature greeting

Hey! Give that back!

Krizzy on chat; talking about his leg which had been stolen by Smasher101

Mario_Fan_123: >_< WTF NO!
Krizzy: Oh
Uniju: I didn’t actually start a religion
Krizzy: Oh
Tb: some other guys jut wanted to express love to uniju or something did it
Krizzy: Oh

Krizzy, Mario_Fan_123, Uniju, and Toadbert101 in the Chatroom




Note:Feel free to use any of these sprites any time you wish.



  • He is the only known one of his species.
  • He is also the only known Koopa who glows.
  • He has the ability to grow wings and turn into a Paratroopa, but he seldom uses it, and then only when he's very happy.
  • He has been killed thrice; all three times on the chat rooms. They're very violent places.

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