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Gender Male
Allies King Mario, Mcoolister, HyperToad, ChaosNinji, Princess-ashley, Para-Goomba, Lil' Bud, Fireballer101, Glitz Hawk, Xpike, Blacksonic, BlueYoshter, 1337Yoshi, Wario Bros., Gissy, Big Daddy, Koopa-Troopette, MegaMario9910, AndreZoio, Glitchman, Paper-Wario-Guy, Troopa Jr., Chibizombie, Wii-less yoshi, Blue Koop, SmartyGuy11, Clay Mario, Super-Yoshi, Arend, Shroobario, Kingbowser99, Koopa-Paratroopa, Paper Jorge, RedFire Mario, DarkHero Sonic the Dark, Scarecrow von Steuben, Blade Bro., ParaBob-omb, SuperLuigiNunmberOne, and Supremo78
Likes Every Single Wiki, Cheese, Boos, Sprites, Waffles, Userart, Paper Artwork, Drawing, His 7 Best Buddies (Glitz Hawk, MegaMario9910, BlueYoshter, Glitchman, Bigger Sid, Super-Yoshi, Koopa-Paratroopa), Snow, MS Paint, StarMen, Golems, M&L Style Sprites, Turtwig, Squirtle, Koopas, Turtles, Fanon, Yoshis, Yoshi Kids, Fads, Computers, Leet (1337), Emoticons, Sonic, Bulbmin, Randomness, WEO, Emoticons, Mother 3 Styled Sprites, and Wall-E
Aliases KT, Troopa, Ze Doodler, Doodler, Doodle Man, Koopa-T, The Koopa of Troopa's, Doof, SmallFry,

Troopie, The Paratroopa with wittle wed stars on his cheeks, Dat Flyin Turtle, KT TroopYosh, Q-T (By Yosheena), Katie (By Lil' Bud)

Age Age: 13

Koopa-Troopa (Previously known as NES to Wii and Paper-Pokemon but made this account because he forgot his password) is a user on the Mario Wiki.He resembles a Red Shelled Koopa Paratroopa with stars on his cheeks and a capital K on his chest. Koopa-Troopa runs Pwnzplace along with all the other workers. Koopa-Troopa is the creator of Wikidoodles. He hosts a television channel called User TV. Despite his name, KT is actually a Koopa Paratroopa not a Koopa Troopa. Koopa-Troopa has gone inactive after the fall of Userpedia, which is rumored to be a reason for Totodile3456 retiring, since she has a crush on him.

Relationship With Other Users


One day, MegaMario asked for one of Koopa-Troopa's famous WikiDoodles, and they started discussing and became great friends, and MegaMario and KT stayed as really good friends until they went inactive.


Toto (then known as BY) once signed up for The Wiki Chronicles, KT's first comic. KT then started asking a bunch of questions to BY, and that made their friendship, now and again they talk to each other on the wiki and chat. Otherwise, she has developed a minor crush on him, though she got over it.


One day, KT was looking at the MarioWiki map and noticed that S-Y live really close to KT. So KT then told S-Y and started a conversation and ever since then S-Y have been long time buddies.


Koopa-Troopa once say a new user named Nega-Mario. KT thought that NM was just some other user but they soon became friends, but then NM lost his password and didn't know that his IP was actually his so KT thought he left. NM then became a Koopa-Paratroopa. KT thought he was an impersonator of him but KPT explained and KT understood and they became friends. KPT recently found out that his mother is Yosheena so he is now KT's brohter.


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