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Creator Mr bones
Debut June 18th, 2013
Genre Adventure
Latest Issue Chapter 3: Part 7: Neptune's New Buddy
Rating T (swearing)

Kio-Wirima is a comic created by Mr bones.




  • ????
  • Tolkin

Other Major Characters

Minor Characters


Discover the rich fauna, flora and other creatures that Kio-Wirima has to offer. Most of them will most likely try to harm you in different ways, though.

Bug.png Name: Bug
Species: Insectum Annoyancium
Description: Small crawling creatures often found in houses whose owners are too lazy to clean up.
Weakness: Being crushed, bug spray
Dangers: Mostly harmless, but when in large numbers they can deal a great damage to certain buildings.
In-comic Encounters Edo's House

Type O.png Name: Type O
Species: Grammorthographia Massacraris
Description: Strong forest-dwelling creatures.
Weakness: Grammar Nazis, Spellchecking
Dangers: Their venomous tears can cause their victims to speak incoherently until treated by the right antidote.
In-comic Encounters Woods of Osdoow


To be revealed


Prologue: Lord of None

Chapter 1: The Peculiar Mr. Person

Chapter 2: Whodunnit?

Chapter 3: Appointment with Death