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King Mario

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King Mario
Rank Retired User
Gender Male
Allies Mostly everyone
Likes Total Drama Series, 6teen, Canada, Chatroom, Technology, Video Games, Friends, DeviantArt, Un Owen, Passion/Sanctuary, Left 4 Dead, Tekken Series
Dislikes Overated things, YouTube Copyright issues
Aliases KM, Kingio, Kingy

I should be a fool not a King .

King Mario

King Mario is a retired user on the Super Mario Wiki and Userpedia. He represents Mario, but with a crown. He made a picture called The KingPic. Although he has the rank of a king, he is actually unmarried.


King Mario was born in the Royal Kingdom by his mother, Queen Daisy and his father, King Wario. One day an evil stork took him and his little brother Prince Luigi to a different kingdom called, Lorian Kingdom. There the ruler, Queen Lorian took them and took care if them as if they were here own. Eighteen years later King Mario and Prince Luigi went back to the Royal Kingdom and when they got there everything was destroyed. They tried to look for there real mother and father, but they had no luck. King Mario wanted to build the kingdom over again, but his brother told him it would just be a waste of time. Four more years later King Mario found out that there was a place he and his brother could live in. He had a castle about ten miles from Leet Town. They built there castle and decided to live there.

The Great Spam Moment

King Mario was apart of The Great Spam Moment help Mcoolister, Hypertoad, and Xluidi. King Mario barely did anything though. Mcoolister was doing all the work, while he was telling the sockpuppets to get out of Userpedia. And it didn't really work.

Leaving The Wiki?

King Mario was soon going to leave MarioWiki about a few months after he had joined because he thought that no one would have been friends with him. But one day his cousin, Princess Birdo came to his house in real life and showed him chat. King Mario then met a lot of people in chat and then went on to the new Userpedia. King Mario then felt that he should stay in the wiki until he gets to old for it or something bad happens and makes him want to leave. He remains in the wiki to this day usually on chat. However, he seems to have retired, and now resides in deviantART, but still comes on from time to time.

Death Calls

Lord Wario about to kill King MarioOne day at King Mario Castle, Lord Wario came to kill King Mario. They have a short battle outside on the roof. King Mario was winning the battle at first but then Lord Wario's brother, Prince Waluigi comes and help him by hitting King Mario hard with his hammer. Lord Wario then tries to finish King Mario with one hit with his hammer but then Prince Luigi and Paraflapper come and help King Mario. Prince Luigi strikes Lord Wario with his hammer and Paraflapper then grabs him and drops him to the floor. Prince Waluigi tries to help his brother but Prince Luigi hits him to where Lord Wario is. Prince Waluigi then helps his brother up and swore that they will come back and kill them all.


Storm Yoshi

Storm Yoshi is another good friend of King Mario. King Mario usually offers to make some sprites for Storm Yoshi and helps Storm Yoshi along with 1337Yoshi i the game Wiki Smash Bros.


1337Yoshi was a guy that King Mario barely knew until him and King Mario worked with Storm Yoshi on the game Wiki Smash Bros.

Master Crash

King Mario, when he was new to the MarioWiki usually asked people for sprites since he didn't know how to make then. Then after King Mario had failed for anyone to make him sprites, Master Crash (know as Super Paper Luigi at the time) offered to make King Mario sprites. After King Mario's sprites were done, he kept on asking Master Crash for more sprites. And then whenPrincessWave's birthday was coming up, a friend of PrincessWave asked Crash if he can make her some sprites. After King Mario had seen the sprites that Crash had made, King Mario thought that it was a bit too small, so he decided to try to make sprites for the first time. Although King Mario knew that the sprites had looked bad, he asked for Crash's opinion of the sprites. Crash had gave King Mario an honest opinion and told King Mario that the shading (which there wasn't any shading) was horrible and that the crown wasn't Mario & Luigi styled. Crush by this opinion, King Mario then replied and said that he wouldn't make sprites after he was done making Storm Yoshi's (known as Super Yoshi10 at the time) sprites. After thinking about it King Mario then decided to make sprites again and watched a Youtube video on how to shade sprites and King Mario then became a little better at making sprites. During the Crash for bureaucrat event, King Mario was just looking around Userpedia when he noticed on a talk page, users were requesting Crash for a bureaucrat on Userpedia. King Mario thought that Crash would've been a good bureaucrat as well, but after a while, Crash announced that he would be leaving both MarioWiki and Userpedia. This made The Missing Link (known as Dry Bones at the time) upset so he left too. After about 2 minutes later Crash came back telling everyone that it was just a prank. This made King Mario mad and started yelling at Crash for his "prank". King Mario was mad because of Crash, TML had taken it seriously. Then there was a lot of flaming between Crash and KM for most of the day. After TML came back, King Mario was happy but still a bit angry at Crash. After a while, King Mario then apologized to Crash. Crash then forgave him.


When Sysops Attack!

King Mario has made cameos in When Sysops Attack! He probably would have received a larger role, however Toadbert101, creator of comic, has canceled the comic and no more issues will be released.

Friday Night Live

King Mario makes a cameo in Friday Night Live, appearing in the audience. This is his only appearance however and nothing more.

Charmers the Bee

King Mario's Sonic form is a "Charmy the Bee". Like Charmy in the Sonic Series, King Charmers likes to fool around. Charmer has the ability to fly and sting people with his stinger without dying like most actual bees. King Charmer's brother's name is Prince Luidow. He is a green two tailed fox. Charmes also has a pet named Chowz. He is a yellow Chao.


(By Glitchman)

Glitchman: What was your first edit?

King Mario: My User page

GM: So how did you find the Mario Wiki?

KM: I was searching “Mario” on Wikipedia and found Mariowiki on “links” so I clicked and joined

GM: Did you ever get welcomed, and if you did by who?

KM: I did and I think it was Mr.Son of Suns

GM: Which do you like better: pizza or pie?

KM: Pizza PWNs over Pie :twisted:

GM: Other than wikis, what else do you do?

KM: sit like a lump on the couch

GM: What is your favorite video game?

KM: Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

GM: What do you enjoy doing most on the Wiki…or what are you best at?

KM: nothing really just annoying people and making them suffur

GM: Which face do you like better: or :|

KM: , but then again, :| is good too

GM: Last question…is this the LAST question?!?

KM: Ummm uh NO!



GM: Heh heh heh. I fooled you. Well anyway, thanks for the interview!



  • King Mario was a prince when he was younger and turned into a king as a birthday present from his brother.
  • He likes minis.
  • He was originally going to be called Speedy on the wiki but decided that King Mario was better.
  • King Mario as a Sonic character is a Charmy the Bee with a black and blue shoes, a blue vest, a green helmet, orange and gray stripes, and black gloves.
  • As mentioned in this article, King Mario was going to retire from the wiki.
  • King Mario has the third biggest family on Userpedia, after Blade Bro., who's after The TroopYosh Family.


Like I say in chat I'm an idiot King!

King Mario,Alyson's User Talk Page

Look your my little brother and I know you have hopes and dreams and as your big brother I have to crush them.

King Mario talking to Prince Luigi


King Mario,Chatroom

GM: What do you enjoy doing most on the Wiki…or what are you best at?
KM: nothing really just annoying people and making them suffur

Glitchman and King Mario, the 'Shroom Interview

I'm a bee and a king at the same time!Isn't that great? Now I can both command and sting people :D.

King Mario as King Charmers

"What is SSE?"
"SubSpace Emissary or Stupid Sliding Elephents."

KP Blue and King Mario,Chatroom

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