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Key to the Wiki

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Key to the Wiki's Tagline

A sociopath who's convinced he's a hero. A crazed but well-meaning politician. A supernatural debt collector. An anarchist who hates everyone. A Pokemon who quotes songs. A political commentator... and KP Blue. In case you haven't noticed- WE'RE DOOMED.

Scarecrow von Steuben, describing the characters of the comic.

Key to the Wiki is a post-epic comic by Scarecrow von Steuben. Its creation put Steuben's other two comics, CSS and Epic Crisis, on hiatus until Key to the Wiki is complete.
Unlike most comics, Key to the Wiki has no real hero, as most characters are ruthless or downright evil. There are very few characters with their consciences still intact. It was canceled after ten issues, which slowly decreased in length and quality, though the first five received highly positive reviews. The author is re-releasing the issues with added scenes and more plot resolution.


Main Characters

  • Xzelion AKA Hacker- the main protagonist of the first volume. Xzelion is being corrupted by the mysterious Key, which he uses to hack into other users' accounts and dispense what he deems justice on the wiki.
  • Wayoshi- a former friend of Xzelion. Wayoshi is fascinated by the incredible power that the Key holds and wants its power for himself.
  • Peachycakes 3.14- Xzelion's arch-rival. Peachycakes 3.14 is a politician who secretly desires to rule the Mariowiki himself.
  • The Hangman- a psycho-for-hire who intends to kill Xzelion.

Minor Characters

  • Hinanana- the leader of the Unmario Gangsters and the inventor of the Key.
  • Porplemontage- the leader of the wiki. Porplemontage is portrayed as being naive but good-hearted.
  • Ghost Jam- Porplemontage's bodyguard.
  • Jim Limburger- a talkative political pundit. Limburger is much like Stephen Colbert's character on The Colbert Report, as they are both presented as egotistical but good-hearted.


Key to the Wiki is a deconstruction of more idealistic and straightforward comics (i.e. Wiki's End, When Sysops Attack, etc.). Visually, KttW resembles Master Wikians. It was inspired by the now-canceled Legends of the Fallenstar, which Steuben considered the first great comic of the epic genre (later epic comics included The Lost Adventures and The Shadow Chronicles). Steuben's goal in writing KttW was to create a comic that would entertain users and inspire them to write their own comics.
A majority of the issues are rather abstract and vaguely disorienting, especially issues four and six, which are both extremely surreal and intentionally confusing (as they are both dreams/hallucinations caused by the Hangman).


Key to the Wiki is divided into five volumes. The volumes each are comprised of varying amounts of issues, the amount of issues per volume rising as the story goes on.

Original run

1. The Key

2. He Who Fights Monsters...

3. The Letters

4. Do Unto Others...

5. Hang My Head, Drown My Fear... (pt 1 of 2)

6. ...I'll Wait In This Place Where The Sun Never Shines...

7. ...'Til You All Just Disappear (pt 2 of 2)

8. Face It With A Grin...

9. But He Knows Not What It Means...

10. The Hangman's Apprentice

Second run (KttW Reborn)

Several months after KttW's cancellation at issue #10, Steuben announced a series called "Key to the Wiki Reborn". It would feature re-releases of the original ten issues, plus a non-canon FNL/KttW crossover, as well as an eleventh issue of KttW that would resolve the plot.

11. Everything All of the Time (part 1 of 3)

Future Projects


In April of 2009, Steuben and Paper Jorge discussed the possibility of a Friday Night Live/Key to the Wiki crossover. This was later confirmed.
After months of being forgotten, the crossover will finally be released with "KttW Reborn".


Key to the Wiki received acclaim from many users. It gained highly positive reviews for most of its issues (some criticism being directed to the confusing style of the two hallucination issues, #4 and #6). Iceyoshi said that "[t]he somewhat disorienting style of it makes it all the [...] better." MarioBros777 said it had a "decent storyline" and that it was "different to most hero-villain comics". Purple Yoshi said it was the only original comic on the wiki. Black Hole Sun said that Key to the Wiki didn't quite live up to "the previous 'Wiki Comic Epic' movement that we had from 2007-2008", but that with more work and effort, it could be a "great comic epic".

In Other Media

  • While in the Chatroom, TheGreatBlockyBoo conducted an interview with Steuben regarding Key to the Wiki. On his inspiration for the comic, Steuben said he disliked the black-and-white morality of many wiki comics and said he wrote Key to the Wiki thinking about how it would be if "the wiki world existed in real life" and not just on the Internet. He confirmed that TGBB's character in the story had a mysterious connection with Hinanana but had no knowledge of it due to a head injury which caused amnesia. When asked to reveal spoilers for the comic, Steuben simply said "the clock is broken" (words which apparently have some meaning to KttW, as they appear often in the comic, usually incomplete or cut off).
  • Key to the Wiki was mentioned as Steuben's "claim to fame" on Userpedia in the eighth episode of User Soup.


  • All of the issue titles except for The Key and The Letters are parts of quotes from poems, songs, or the Bible.
  • The tropes can be found here.
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