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KS3 is a user of the Super Mario Wiki. He is also a user on Wikipedia, by the name of Sixeightyseventyone. He has a few friends, one of them who is BabyLuigiOnFire, and is currently trying to make the Super Mario Wiki a better place. He has created many vandal and sockpuppet accounts, and was finally blocked by Tucayo for 3 months on July 28, 2010 when he got in an edit war with BluePikminKong497 who later also got blocked for two weeks.


Real Life

He got started by typing on Google "Mario Wiki", and bypassed the Wiki. He decided to click it and a whole new world appeared before his eyes. One month later, he became a user called War of 1812, because he liked the War of 1812. After that, someone somehow got onto his computer and created 2 new users, both of them made for the sole purpose of vandalism, spamming MarioWiki talk:Banned Users and Luigi. Then he got blocked. He created a new account by the name of MarioKart66! and tried to help the Super Mario Wiki, but got blocked again just because of the vandal who went onto his computer without his consent. He then became I will help the MarioWiki a lot and then Tucayo was nice enough to give him one last chance. He really improved a lot, usually staying by the MarioWiki:Proposals page. After a few months and 2 name changes, he resurfaced as KS3. By then, he joined Wikipedia, the Mario Wiki (obviously) and a Wikia Wiki called "Mario and Luigi Wiki" (by the name of Sixeightyseventyone). He also knows a few users on Userpedia.


Life in the Koopa Troop

KS3 first came to the Marioverse when he flew to it from another galaxy. He joined the Koopa Troop and convinced some Yoshis to join the Koopa Troop. Soon, he traveled to Mobius and had a conversation with Sonic the Hedgehog, about joining the Koopa Troop. The Koopa Troop was renamed "The Ultra Army" after receiving universal popularity. KS3 then left the Ultra Army because the excitement was gone. He organized a last Mario Party (Mario Party 49), and invited everyone. When Mario and co. arrived, they saw Bowser and fled. Mario Party 49 was officially renamed "Bowser Party 1".

Life with Mario & co.

Mario and co. (Mario, Peach, Daisy, King Boo, Metal Sonic, the Boos, the Lumas, Wario, Waluigi, Luigi, and the Ghosts (from Super Mario Land 3)) wandered for 20 days and 20 nights until they got lost. KS3 was tracking them down, every step. Then Wario, Waluigi, Luigi and the Ghosts were detached from the others and blamed them for losing the trail on the rest of Mario & his allies. Luigi kidnapped Peach and ran off to Luigi's Mansion. The rest of Mario and co. went on a platformer game made by Nintendo in January 34, 2013, with KS3 photographing everything. The game was supposed to run smoothly, but was interrupted by a large 2257 number falling on the platform (World 7-10). Mario and co. had to battle the Koopa Troop to break the number. Because of that, Mario ran over to the castle, leaving everyone else behind, found Peach, and escaped. Mario and Peach went to Earth and became US citizens, and they were never heard again. Daisy used one of Mario's leftover hammers and hammered the number into pieces. She fell in love with Luigi. Wario went onto a diet and lost 164 pounds. Because the Koopa Troop bought over the Wario series, Wario teleported to the Koopa Troop and stayed healthy for the rest of his life. This means that Mario and co was renamed Luigi and co. with 7 people. Then Luigi and co, with KS3 tracking them down, entered the Userpedia Complex, located in Sea Slide Galaxy. Luigi played Super Mario Galaxy 3.5. Soon, Waluigi died because of a heart attack and all the Ghosts ran away too the Koopa Troop. King Boo, Metal Sonic, and the Boos went back to the Koopa Troop. Soon, Link and Zelda joined them, and it became the Final Four. They soon hatched a plan too take over the world.

Tracking down the Final Four (Soon split)

the Final Four soon tried to take over all the Nintendo buildings and complexes on earth but they were pushed off. Zelda and Link was so mad they returned to the Koopa Troop. Luigi stole one of Peach's dress and put it on. He cut off his mustache and dyed his hair blond. He went to the Hypnokoopa in the Beanbean Kingdom and told him to turn him into Peach. KS3 was in the bahamas resting when Luigi bombed the USSR. The Titans and the Olympians sided together and tried to kill Luigi and Daisy but since they are immortal they can't. They went into nuclear war in December 21, 2012 and destroyed Earth. Luckily everyone fled to Mars and colonized there. The USSR finally captured Luigi (at that time looked like Peach). Daisy fled to the Koopa Troop.

Creation of Companies

After the incident KS3 joined Sega. He bought over the DK series from Nintendo and created a company called Rareware. He gave Rareware the stuff it had before Microsoft bought it. He also gave Raveware the Wario series. After that, he got rid of Waluigi from Nintendo's games. Nintendo earned a lot of money and with the other companies help, became the largest company in the world. After 59 productive years, all the universes plunged into a Great Depression. During the Second Great Depression, he created another company that rivals Nintendo and partners (which are in an permanent alliance) that mocks Luigi. Luigi is the main character (in Peach's dress) and pretty much does nothing. He left the company the next day and a spammer named Waluigi from the Super Mario Wiki took over. Thanks to Luigi, Waluigi decided to take over the unowned company and try to kill everyone. During that time, KS3 created a company that creates games for the Super Nintendo 3DS and the PSP2. He bombed the company that is owned by Waluigi. Luigi and Waluigi entered a war against North Korea because they thought that North Korea bombed them.

Where he is

On Earth