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Jorge and the Family

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Jorge and the Family
Creator Paper Jorge, DarkHero Sonic the Dark, and RedFire Mario
Debut November 25, 2009
Genre Comedy
Latest Issue "Pilot" Episode Remake
Rating T for Teen

Jorge and the Family is a comedy comic by M&Ms Studios, that has been in development since May 2009, however it was canceled before it was even announced for several reasons. On November 25, 2009, Paper Jorge, DarkHero Sonic the Dark, and RedFire Mario released the promo of the comic, in an attempt to revive Userpedia from its current bad state. The comic stars Jorge, Beanbean, DarkHero Sonic the Dark, RedFire Mario, Shroobario and Zephyr Mage in which they are an odd family going through odd events.

The comic has met mixed reviews with several people such as SonicMario, Palkia47, and Nina Windia enjoying it while several like Black Hole Sun, Uniju, Scarecrow von Steuben, DarkHero Sonic, RedFire Mario, and Ugozima disliking it. The comic's main criticism is its short length. Due to its high level of criticism, Jorge has decided to cancel it; although the team that worked on it decided to make a sequel to the comic in late 2010.


  • Paper Jorge – Father and head of the family, Jorge is extremely stupid and lacks common sense. He is also is obsessed with Mountain Dew and Jackie Chan. He tries to make his family have a good life but always fails that.
  • Beanbean – Jorge's wife, Bean is wise and talented yet suffers from a very odd disease that makes her skin green, but Jorge doesn't seem to mind since he doesn't realize green isn't a normal skin color anyway. She is obsessed with Pixar and Disney movies, specifically the films WALL-E and Up.
  • RedFire Mario – RFM is the average kid, with average grades, an average life and no special skill. He is constantly made fun of by his father for his slight chubbiness. RFM is obssessed with Polar Bears and fire, which is kind of ironic.
  • DarkHero Sonic the Dark – The depressed kid of the family, DHS constantly cuts himself, gets horrible grades, bullies kids and solves everything with violence. He also is a fast runner and keeps guns and knives under his bed, something unknown to his parents.
  • Palkia47 – An overweight and obese kid, Palkia is childish, prefers fun over everything and loves music. He is known for breaking things such as chairs and having a huge appetite.
  • Shroobario – The nerdy and smart, talented straight-As kid and he usually speaks in "leet-talk" and loves space fictions such as Star Wars. However, he is the least liked in the family by his brothers and Jorge and he is the youngest child.
  • Poochy – The family pet, he was given to the family as a Christmas gift from Jorge's parents, 2257 and Castle Toad. He is a lovable and cute dog whom everyone must love.


Season 1

# Episode Name Air Date Comic
0 "Pilot" November 25, 2009 Pilot
1 "Giving Thanks" November 26, 2009 Part One
Part Two
2 "Monitor Elections" December 16, 2009 Issue
3 "X-Mas" December 24, 2009 Issue
4 "As Good as "Batman & Robin"" January 18, 2010 Issue
5 ""Pilot" Episode Remake" April 14, 2010 Issue