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Jorge V.s. President Obama

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Jorge V.s. President Obama is a new comedy comic series being produced by Guiliant. It is about everyone's favorite Anthropod, Paper Jorge as he discovers President Obama's plans to rule the world, and he goes on an epic adventure to stop him.


Episode 1

Jorge decides one day, while relaxing at a beach, listening to his favorite tunes, to assasinate President Obama. However, Uniju has other plans, as he tries to stop Jorge from his evil plot. Meanwhile, a speech given by Obama is given inside the white house... but Obama decides to check outside. epic

Episode 2

In this exciting episode, we get introduced to many new and exciting characters. Black Hole Sun, Snack, Master Lucario, among various other users. This i probably the biggest comic I've made so far. I hope you enjoy it!

you weren't expecting this