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Creator Yoshario, with the assistance of Paper Jorge
Debut February 15, 2009
Genre Comedy
Latest Issue Our New Website
Rating E for Everyone

JorgeLand is a comedy comic by Yoshario with the assistance of Jorge. On February 15, 2009, Yoshario released the promo and first episode of the comic, on the MarioWiki Forums and Userpedia. The comic stars Paper Jorge, RedFire Mario, DarkHero Sonic the Dark, and Yoshario, as they go through strange adventures in running Yoshario's amusement park, JorgeLand.


  • Yoshario – The manager of the amusement park. He frequently makes stupid decisions, such as opening an amusement park based on Jorge in the first place.
  • RedFire Mario – RFM works in the game room of the amusement park with Jorge and DHS. He suggests Jorge to ask Yoshario if he has health insurance benefits for his employees, which doesn't result well
  • DarkHero Sonic the Dark – DHS works in the game room with RFM. He likes lollipops, so he almost shot Jorge in the first episode for not bringing him back a lollipop.
  • Jorge – Jorge is the protagonist of the comic. He loves Mountain Dew and muffins.

Critical reception

JorgeLand was met with mixed reviews, being enjoyed by Palkia47, Paper Jorge, Nina Windia, and Marioguy1, but being disliked by Ugozima, Uniju, and Smiley the Hun.


Season 1

# Episode Name Air Date Comic
0 "Promo" February 15, 2010 Promo
1 "Jorge's Jackass of a Jaw" February 15, 2010 Episode 1
2 "Balloon Boy Jorge" February 17, 2010 Episode 2
3 "Bring Your Kid to Work Day'" February 20, 2010 Episode 3
4 "Our New Website" March 26, 2010 Episode 4


  • Every episode since two, it has been a running gag that Porple has some sort of "prop"