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Rank Userpedia: Users Fantendo/Usertendo: Sysops, Bureaucrats
Species Mr. Saturn
Join date 23rd March 2008
Gender Male
Allies Shroobario, COKEMAN11, Glaive, Cobweb, Vined, Henrydamoose, Alex25, Hemu
Aliases Lopunny, JessicaRoo, Roll
Age 12
Personal information Date of Birth: 14th of May

I don't believe in Santa... I believe in the Christmas Ninja!


JesseRoo (also known as Lopunny, after his favorite Pokémon) is a sysop and an admin on Fantendo and Usertendo. When Henrydamoose retired, JesseRoo was one of the choices for his replacement until it was decided he wouldn't be replaced. He became a sysop at the same time Henrydamoose became a Bureaucrat.


On Fantendo and Usertendo, JesseRoo takes the appearance of a Diddy Kong recolor with yellow clothes however he has been thinking of changing that. On Userpedia, he used to be a yellow Yoshi with no saddle but now he is a Mr. Saturn with sunglasses and a top hat.