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How will you get me now, Peachy, now that I'm way stronger than you?"
"I am your e-mail address.

Jaller2 and Peachy, New Super Wiki Bros.''

Member of: *Userpedia - Unknown date in 2006
  • BIONICLE Sector 01 - Unknown date in 2006
  • BIONICLEpedia - Unknown date in 2007
  • Super Mario Wiki - Unknown date in 2007
  • Userpedia Forums - August 24, 2008
  • My Lego Network Wiki - March 21, 2009
  • Club Penguin Wiki - June 6, 2009
  • Adopt A Person Wiki - July 16, 2009
  • Undead Aliens Wiki - December 22, 2009
  • Human Anatomy Wiki - December 23, 2009
Species Boo
Gender Male
Allies Toadbert101, Max2, Pokemon DP
Likes Hip hop, rock, his girlfriend (...), his life
Dislikes Getting mad, getting mad at, getting in trouble, getting blocked
Aliases VD, Jaller2
Age *Real World=10
  • Wiki World=15

Jaller2 is a user of Userpedia. He takes the appearance of a blue-colored Boo. He originally appeared in quite a few comics, but many of his appearances have been lost either because to Userpedia jumping from host to host, or due to the comics he was going to appear in being canceled before his scheduled appearances.



Jaller2 searched for a Mario Fanon Wiki and ended up with Mwuserpedia. He joined after a few weeks. However, he didn't know much yet until he met some users. His first friend was Max2. Jaller2 soon quit Userpedia when the migration to Scribblewiki happened and when the server crashed. He went to Biosector01 and BIONICLEpedia. In BIONICLEpedia, he met Toadbert101. He quit BIONICLEpedia and searched for a Mario wiki. He ended up with Super Mario Wiki, where he realized that the Super Mario Wiki was related to UP. He shortly went to Wikipedia but quit after a few hours. IN 2009, he searched for a MyKLego Wiki and found MLNW. He became friends with someone named Boidoh. Later on in the year, he discovered CPW. He saw Boidoh there and convinced his RL classmate, Dojo34256, to join. He also met Hal Homsar Solo, Sharkbate, Hat Pop, and others. Jaller2 then searched for another Mario fanon wiki and ended up in Userpedia Adriels. Feeling great to return with his finally re-found friends, Jaller2 continued his peaceful life.

Real Life

Jaller2 was born in the Philippines. He moved to the U.S. after becoming a Christian. He is Filipino-Chinese-American-Australian-Japanese-Korean-German-Russian.


Jaller2 has Anger Management Problems and myopia. He likes music and likes singing. He eats very rarely. Jaller2 is shown to be friends with some trolls (such as Ben 100022 on CPW, and Max2 on SMW).


Jaller2 is highly skilled in defense, but very inexperienced in offense. He is pretty smart. He can produce red blocks called Toxbloxes.


Super Mario Wiki Adventures

In this comic, Jaller2 appears in the original issue of "3D's Deed...ees" as on of the party guests in 3D's house.

SmileyBoo Advanced!: Brawl

Jaller2 returns, more powerful but not the most powerful one.

Paper Mario Wiki

Last party member to join (sort of).

Death to Wiki

Jaller2 may appear in Death to Wiki. If he does, he will become a villain.



A non-user and Jaller2's girlfriend in real life.

Russian One

A retired user on Club Penguin Wiki. She was his best friend until she retired.


One of Jaller2's first friends. Arend, LilBooster, and Jaller2 were known to start the disbanded SmileyBoo! game series.


See Arend.

Master Crash

Crash (then known as PLDS) aided Lario when he was fighting Jaller2. However, Jaller2 quickly apologized to Lario and the fight was over. During the time period, PLDS changed his name to Master Crash.


Lario fought Jaller2 for a forgotten reason, but Master Crash quickly fixed the problem.

Toadbert101 and Toa Waluigi

The 3 liked BIONICLE in their childhood. Also Toadbert used to be in J2's same wiki.


Jaller2's former best friend until he was blocked. He inspired J2 to make a comic, and he introduced J2 to Arend and LB.


  • LilBooster calls Jaller2 "That Scarecrow Thing" when he's in human form.
  • In SmileyBoo Advanced! Jaller2's partner is Kaquia, his classmates nickname.


  • HP: 100
  • Attack: 53
  • Super Attack: 5
  • Defense: 99


  • Summon - Summons a Pikachu (most likely Arend) and hits 3 enemies using a Bolt: -10HP
  • Flow of the River - Turns the enemy into a coma and dreams about flashbacks from Flow of the River: -20HP
  • Singer Scream - Mimics the singer's voice perfectly and gives the enemy the Scare Status: -1HP
  • Party in my Tummy - Eats the enemy: -Final Smash



I could cut in line, but what's the use?

Jaller2 in Super Mario Wiki Adventures.

...so my teacher told us to imagine an obese kid running very fast. I fell off my desk.

Jaller2, talking to the principal in RL

Well, you can't even read a book!
Yes I can! (writes note saying 'Get your face outta the world)
What the heck the this say?
You think I can't read a book, so you can't read a f***!

KGSTN (Jaller2's enemy) and Jaller2 arguing
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