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Rank Rogue Fugitive; Defected Frontier Agent
Gender Male
Allies Plumber, Sadaharu, Knife, StarNeptune
Likes Cheese, Chaos, Weird people

Jakebastille (also known as JakeBastille, Jake Bastille or Knife) is a Troll who has caused quite a lot of havoc on the wiki. He is currently a wanted fugitive and is named after Bastille Day in France, the marking of the French Revolution.


Wiki's End

In Wiki's End, where he is an X-Naut PhD, it is revealed he is a very smart troll.

Mime Comics

He stars in his own Mime Comics, which are done entirely in pantomime.

A Spammers Revenge

In A Spammers Revenge, Jakebastille is known to be working with Willy on Wheels and Munchlax, trying to take over the Wiki World. In episode 2, He is seen with Jaime in an abandoned Sysop Station in Trollsboro. He escapes the grasp of Fuzzipede27 and Mario Fan 123 by driving his car into the sea.


He resembles Chester Cheetah most commonly, though he has been an Elite X-Naut, or an X-Naut PhD, once or twice, though this has only happened once or twice.


His best friend is StarNeptune, but when she got captured and taken back to prison, he made new friends with Plumber and Sadaharu.


He has died many times, but always manages to come back somehow. He says that this is his "gift". Another accomplishment is that Jakebastille broke free of the Spam Vault using the power of the Sombrero. He has avoided authorities since then. He also destroyed Leet Town in one of his Mime Comics. JakeBastille's greatest accomplishment is winning the rights over cheese and making a new cheesy snack.


  1. Break free of the Spam Vault (Success)
  2. Get the Sombrero (Success)
  3. Rescue StarNeptune (Failed, as she died)
  4. Destroy Leet Town (Success)
  5. Reform into good (Given up)
  6. Turn into anti-hero (Success)
  7. Cause havoc (Success)
  8. Cause more havoc
  9. Make a lot of friends
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