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Jake the Facepainted Dog

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Jake the Facepainted Dog
Species Dog
Gender Male
Allies New Super Mario, Home-Dawg, BaseballYoshi24, Peanut Butter
Likes Eating, Sleeping, anything else a dog does.
Age Age
  • Wiki World:Unknown
Personal information Real Life Stuff
  • Date of Birth:Unknown

Jake the Facepainted Dog, usually just called Jake, is a facepainted Broggy and is New Super Mario's pet.


Jake wasn't always NSM's dog. He used to be a stray, living out in the streets of New Wikisburg and Cheese Meadows. But one day, when New Super Mario was outside of his Cheese Meadow home, he found Jake. He was skinnier than ever and wanted a home. NSM adopted him, making him his pet.


Extinction: Rise of the Mutants

Jake first appeared in Chapter 10. It was turned out that the Planks suspended him in cryogenic freeze, but was released when The Résistance conquered the Zero Corps. Tower as their new base. Jake acted territorial since he doesn't recognize any of the mutants, including his own owner, but was immediately updated on what's going on with help from NSM. According to NSM, Jake is a bit spooked up from being captured and frozen by the Planks for a long time.

In Chapter 12, NSM mentioned right before the nuclear blast, he was feeding Jake and was getting ready for a normal day. During the blast, one can assume that NSM abandon Jake out of his own survival.

New Sherlock Mario Series

He is set to appear in Book 3.


Jake the Facepainted Dog