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Jaime was a troll on the Super Mario Wiki and nearly all of its affiliates. Jaime is an extremely knowledgeable hacker, which made him a major threat in the Wiki World for over six months.


Discovering the Wiki World (24 Nov – 2 Dec, 2008)

Jaime, after having his Xephyr Board account deleted.

Jaime registered an account on the Super Mario Wiki under the name of "Nilcen", and made very few edits. Jaime frequently visited the chatroom late at night, generally trolling whenever he had the chance. He was soon banned from chat for making graphic sexual comments towards its members. However, it was impossible to permanently ban Jaime from chat. Even though his IRC nick — and even his IP at one point — was banned, he always managed to hack his way out of a ban, leading him to be able to troll whenever he wanted. Eventually, Jaime created an account on Stooben's forums, The Xephyr Board. Jaime was made a Patroller on that site, until he began to troll various topics. Jaime was eventually banned and demoted, but he managed to un-ban himself several times; this led to Z3r0 Tw0 outright deleting Jaime's account.

Trolling (3 Dec, 2008 – 26 Apr, 2009)

Gee, how f***ing stupid do you have to be to not be able to keep me banned? Well, I guess it doesn't really matter, since I'm smarter than all of you anyway.

Jaime, on The Xephyr Board

Jaime began to become a regular troll in chat in December of 2008. Perhaps his most infamous sockpuppet in chat was Kirby64, who was supposedly a twelve-year-old boy whom was the victim of child abuse; at one point, "the police" were in chat interrogating various users. Eventually, Jaime created various sockpuppets on the MarioWiki and Userpedia who were thought to be the creations of Sonic Rocks, despite him having been reformed already. The most notable sockpuppet that Jaime created was Perfect Kirby, who was though to be yet another troll at the time, because there were approximately 65 trolls linked to him. One of his accounts Perfect kirby, was responsible for the start of The Battle for Userpedia Wikia.

Hack Attack (Apr 26 – Apr 29, 2009)

On April 26th of 2009, Stooben was gone for the day; he had stated in chat the day before that he would likely be gone the next day, and possibly the day after because of personal reasons. During this time, Jaime began conspiring against the MarioWiki and Userpedia — in which, Stooben Rooben was a vital part of it. Maria guessed Stooben's Gmail account, giving her free access to all of Stooben's passwords. Jaime took advantage of Stooben's time away and that Maria got Stooben's passwords and began threat more people and pose as the one who got Stooben's passwords. After Maria used the password 'lemonface' on Stooben's account on Userpedia, it was hijacked, resulting in the banning of Xpike and Uniju, as well as KingAbra's promotion to Sysop; these actions were soon reverted by Userpedia's fellow Administrative staff, who then demoted Stooben and banned Maria's current IP, once it was discovered that Stooben had his accounts taken by Maria, not Jaime; yet he posed for months as the password-provider and member of Team Galaxia. The final attack by Maria resulted in the near-destruction of the MarioWiki Forums; during this time, Stooben had just returned — shocked by everything that was going on, Stooben was able to regain control over his account on the MarioWiki before any damage had been done there. For over a month, it was suspected that Maria wasn't the only one behind the whole thing, however, she was the only one who took the passwords. Jaime took advantage of this to cause the terror and horror in the MarioWiki.


A Spammers Revenge

Jaime appeared in A Spammers Revenge as a minor antagonist. He is first seen in Episode 2, where he is seen in an abandoned Sysop Station in Trollsboro with Jakebastille. Jaime is taken down by Mario Fan 123.

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