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It Began With a Dream

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It Began With a Dream is a story written by Marioguy1 about many of the users of the mariowiki.


August 21, 2009

Dear Diary, last night I had a dream about the most wonderful machine in the world! This machine would change life as we know it by creating a new dimension for the mariowiki in which users could exist peacefully without the oppression of trolls and vandals. I have spoken with Porplemontage and he has given me permission to create this amazing machine. I really hope this machine turns out as planned.

August 31, 2009

Dear Diary, today is the official release date of my machine! Construction of the Dimension Transporter, as it is now called, sped up drasticaly when several users such as 2257 and Edofenrir decided to help me finish the project. When I told porple how quickly I finished he couldn't believe me and he told me that it could be released this weekend! We will test the machine out on September 8th and I will get back to you then. Now, Tucayo is banging on my door asking for an interview for The 'Shroom so I must leave you again.

September 8, 2009

The machine worked!

September 27, 2009

Dear Diary, sorry I haven't been able to write for a while; we are moving the wiki into this new dimension and setting up the proposals hall and pipe plaza. The move is going as scheduled and a group of trolls tried to attack my new dimension today, the specially formatted defense system prevented them from even getting through the portal as the only way through the portal is if a user on the inside invites you in. I will be very busy for the next couple months planning for the new mariowiki's announcement so I may not be able to get back.

December 25, 2009

Dear Diary, Merry Christmas! As a christmas present for the whole wiki, we finished our moving project today and gave all of the users presents to thank them for their valid contributions to the new mariowiki. Many users have joined the new mariowiki since its announcement and wiki production speed has gone up 39.65 percent! We have disbanded the block feature as we do not need blocks anymore since the wiki is now troll-free and are well on our way to becoming the best wiki in the world!

January 1, 2010

Dear Diary, we have been having some troubles lately. The server stress from all of this is getting to all of us and the new mariowiki is having troubles and going down more and more often. Today at exactly 12:00PM the wiki is scheduled to use a lot of its energy in providing a new years celebration and we discussed it and the system will most probably be offline for exactly 10 seconds. In addition to all of these problems with server stress, one of our best users, Tucayo, has gone missing. It is not like him to do that. Once I have figured out all these details I will let you know.

February 25, 2010

Dear Diary, today is a grave day for the new mariowiki, ever since the malfunction on new years eve users have begun disappearing more and more often. We have lost two more of our staff, Knife and Arend, and the rest are getting worried that they will be the next to go. Many users have begun to leave the site for fear of disappearing and the production rates are decreasing drastically. If it keeps going like this the wiki may fall into inactivity. Some of the users, I am among them, think that during the power outage on new years eve, a troll may have snuck in and is now living among us. We are not sure of it but porple has ordered the sysops to be extra alert.

March 4, 2010

Dear Diary, today many users are scared, most of the patrollers (M&SG and MeritC) have disappeared and I am starting to worry that the sysops will be next. Just recently, most of our users went missing on the nigh of the monthly sysop meeting and the wiki's production rate has full-out stopped. We are beginning to doubt that my idea of a new dimension is a good one after all. To add to the drama, Porplemontage has developed a rare disease and will be stuck in bed for the next couple days! Several users have reported seeing signs of old trolls and I am afraid that my theory may be correct. Until next time!

March 13, 2010

Dear Diary, It was. A couple days ago, the trolls announced their existence with a huge gathering in the square where Rudnicki, Maria Thalia and WarioLoaf stood with about twenty other trolls. They told us to admit defeat and submit to the oppression of the trolls by letting them take over our wiki. Though the users that agreed with the trolls are all under siege, a couple of users (under the command of RAP) have formed a group called the "Mariowiki Resistance" which contains most of the admins and is trying to free the wiki from the evil trolls which hold it. Now, RAP is calling us to battle so I must leave you.

March 27, 2010

Dear Diary, things are very grave. We have had to mourn the loss of two of our most prominent sysops, SolarBlaze and Phoenix Rider and our tech support; Time Q. The commander and two other men went missing on a mission behind enemy lines and we can only hope that they return safely. While they're gone, for the time being, Cobold has taken control of our troops and so far he has led us to several victories including the capture of their top lieutenant, WarioLoaf! We have organized a meeting with the trolls in five days proposing a trade, their lieutenant for our wiki. Most of the admins think it is a trap but I have my faith.

April 3, 2010

Dear Diary, the trade was indeed a trap. Against all of my wishes, the trolls (under the command of Maria Thalia) attacked us and took back WarioLoaf. While we retreated I distinctly saw Grandy02 fall and Ghost Jam being taken away. We are getting desperate as just a couple days ago, we sent out Yoshario and Walkazo but they never returned. Cobold has gotten a nervous breakdown so he sent me out as his mouth while he hides in his room. Let us hope we are going to succeed in getting through the lines. We have gleamed some inside information that Maria Thalia will be attacking us on the 14th of April.

April 15, 2010

Dear Diary, Maria Thalia attacked the camp today. The battle was very fierce and we were all caught up in the battle so that Maria could accomplish her main goal and destroy Cobold. Maria was ascending quickly to Cobold's room when 2257 and I intercepted her while she was in Cobold's room. She quickly sent me flying through the wall and Cobold was too petrified to defend 2257. The next scene played out in slow motion; 2257 dove at Maria and she twisted her body so that 2257 flew right past her into the wall. The next second Maria was upon him and 2257 was no more. The suddenly, out of nowhere, Cobold rose up and opened a portal to Trollsboro which sucked everything in the room inside of it. To add to the matters, Porple was attacked. He was patrolling the fields one day when he was suddenly ambushed by trolls and taken back to their palace with KPH2293 and Coincollector trailing in his wake.

April 23, 2010

Dear Diary, after the victory against Maria Thalia, I was left in command of the troops. We have figured out the location of the enemy base and have prepared an invasion force to go get them before we are totally wiped out. We are still losing users by the day. Just a couple days ago, Ralphfan was taken so Super Mario Bros. and Marioguy1 chased after him. The attacke begins tomorrow and if you are not there, you are not coming.

April 24, 2010

Dear Diary, the battle is in mid-swing. We charged into the battlefield full of confidence but now as I stalk the halls with Wayoshi and Super-Yoshi I realize how wonderful all of the user's sacrifices have been to get to this point. We have lost almost all of our troops and our only hope is to free all of the prisoners found in this building if we are going to survive. Now as I must leave you as the prisoner's room is coming up ahead. I hope I live to write again...

April 25, 2010

Dear Diary, we won! The battle did not go as expected but as soon as I arrived in the room with Wayoshi and S-Y it was as if it was moving like clockwork. WarioLoad was guarding the cage but the yoshis provided a distraction while I freed all of the prisoners and then we all ganged up on WarioLoaf and took him out permanently. The next thing for us to do is to find Rudnicki and finish up this battle.

April 26, 2010

Dear Diary, it seems like just one month ago that this dimension went wrong but now here I am, part of an army outside the room of the greatest troll of all time. We have learned of Rudnicki's master plan to create a machine with enough power to take over the whole entire Wiki World and turn everybody in it into trolls. We have recruited our forces and we found KPH and CC outside Rudnicki's room listening in on his plans. Apparently they lost porple when they were captured by the trolls and taken to the prisoner's cage but they escaped and were planning to take down Rudnicki when we arrived. Here we go.

April 27, 2010

Dear Diary, yesterday happened so quickly it almost seems unreal. We charged into Rudnicki's room and he attacked us but we all came together and took him out but as he lay fading away into Trollsboro, he told us that the machine has already been activated and that there was nothing we could do about it and then he disappeared. Suddenly, Ralph, SMB and MG1 came into the room telling us that they had found out about Rudnicki's master plan and disabled the machine thus ending the threat on the mariowiki forever when suddenly, a cry came out of the darkness and out flew a giant shadow. The shadow came to rest and told us he was the Mastermind Troll and that he was controlling Rudnicki all along. He then said that if he could not control the Wiki World, he would at least have our lives and he started charging a large ball of energy when suddenly, he started to glow blue and then he exploded! From the ruckuss of the Mastermind Troll came a blue bowser, Porplemontage! He had overheard everything and blasted the Master Troll in the back while he was focused on us. Now we are going back to my portal to go back to the regular dimension but I am leaving this journal as a reference and a warning to all future generations who visit this world. I hope they do not make the same mistake that I did, for the final time, goodbye.

Yours Truly,