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Iras is a troll and a demon. He has an army of minions, and has a strange appetite for users.


  • Shoots columns of fire from his eyes.
  • Can create portals.
  • Can summon his minions.
  • Theoretically, can control anyone who has taken revenge on someone or is thinking of taking revenge.


Scorpion's Story

Iras appears as a villain and a client to R. He is trying to sabotage Zero Corps. because their technology could be used to defeat him. Iras later tried to register for G.H.O.S.T., but he failed so he forced the receptionist to tell him the location of Sword Base. After killing Mason on the outpost, Iras went on a rampage, causing destruction all over Sword Base.


  • Iras is a representation of the deadly sin of wrath.