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Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges

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Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges
Creator 1337Yoshi
Debut January 11, 2008; March 20, 2009
Genre Sci-fi/Action
Latest Issue Awakening, Part 3 (rerun)
Rating E10+
Mild Language

Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges is a comic written by 1337Yoshi.


First Run

It was originally started in January, 2008, with a plot-line centering around the Power Cores; however, Xzelion accidentally deleted the original three issue, forcing 1337Yoshi to restart the comic.

Second Run

On the second run, the plot was changed to the destruction of the Wiki World due to a breach in an experimental Phazon Core in 1337Yoshi HQ. Several users were pulled through time, 15 years into the future, where the MarioWiki had been obliterated. A few remaining users took refuge on the 1337 Flyer, while others became subordinates of H4X0RYoshi instead. Reviewing security footage of the core breach, Draylan, Arandus, and Peachycakes 3.14 discovered that the breach was, in fact, sabotage. Super Shy Guy, Draylan, Arandus, and Shiny Lucario were sent to infiltrate H4X0RYoshi's base, and the mission succeeded - the team received vital info about the weapon that destroyed the core, the Omega Blade. However, on their way out, they were stopped by a security drone, which triggered an alert. The team managed to fight their way out; however, just before they escaped, Draylan and Arandus were shot by Pokemon DP with some sort of energy weapon. They escaped to the 1337 Flyer, but the doctor on-board was unable to cure their wounds.
Around this point in the story, ScribbleWiki crashed, destroying many of the articles on Userpedia. ChaosNinji retired from his position as Steward of Userpedia, giving that title to 1337Yoshi. Because of this, 1337Yoshi spent most of his time on the wiki trying to recover from the crash, and devoted little, if any, of his time to his comic. Later, 1337Yoshi decided that IAESL's plotline had run itself into a corner, so, instead of continuing the plot, he decided to start a third run of the comic. Later, 1337Yoshi gave Scarecrow von Steuben permission to make a seventh IAESL- a one shot spin-off which was to bridge the gap between the previous series and the upcoming new one. In the one-shot, the destruction of Scribblewiki before H4X0R's rise to power prevented the future in which H4X0R took over. The 1337Yoshi from the present is trapped in the void of the now nonexistent future, and survives a close brush with Wendel's Mother. He is rescued by a mysterious user who transports 1337 back to the present.

Third run

The comic was started back up but was cancelled again soon after!


Second run


Chapter 1



Third run


Part 1
Part 2
Part 3


  • Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges (Pronounced INT-er ARM-uh AY-num SEE-lint LAY-gus) is Latin for "in times of war, the laws fall silent".
  • The plotline was initially going to circle around 1337Yoshi and co. collecting all of the Power Cores and defeating H4X0RYoshi, but since the comics were deleted, a new plotline was created.
  • Issue 1 of the second run contains a reference to Homestar Runner; the quote "Maybe we died. We're in heaven!".
  • Teeny Tiny Comics had a blooper issue of Arandus blowing up when running on the fuzzy carpet in the second run.
  • In the "Mariowiki New Years Party" one-shot, the old Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges was referenced to- Scarecrow asks 1337 about how he got back from the future and 1337 claims to have no memory of it. This was the first implication that after Scribblewiki's crash, IAESL was removed from canon, to be replaced by the upcoming third run of the comic. It was later confirmed in the IAESL one-shot, "Catastrophe".