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Impenting Destruction/Introduction

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NEXandGBX's Journal
04:17, January 2nd 2015
Day 532

A few days ago, the news had interrupted the program I was watching on TV (at a really juicy part too :<) to report that an entire planet near ours was destroyed, which suprised me, since usually these interruptions are nothing of my concern. Very late last night, I decided to look for clues on just who destroyed the planet. My efforts were almost fruitless, but I did end up finding a banana. Jokes aside, I ended up finding a piece of evidence in the bitter cold of the Fora Desert, which was only cold because it was night. All that I found was a bottle, I couldn't see what was inside due to the sand being stuck to it. I tried reaching down for it...then realizing that my hands were too stubby, I lied down to grab it. A scorpion almost stabbed me with it's tail. Luckily, I accidentally crushed it with my hand. After picking up the bottle, I tried to open it, but my hands were also too weak to do so, and thus I had to find another way to open it.

Taking the Wikisburg Pipe House up to my house on Mount Wikisburg, I tried to formulate a plan to open this sucker. Eventually, I decided to place the bottle on a scale and tip the scale. The bottle crashed on the floor and broke into many pieces that I knew I was going to have to clean up later. Inside the bottle was a note. I opened the note, and it was only three words.

"Penitus is next."