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Impenting Destruction/Episode 2

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20:15, January 2nd 2015

And thus, me and Nysic went on a hunt to find proof of this mysterious letter. First, we checked the area around my house.

Nysic: "Let's see here...erm, nothing in the main room. How about that side room?"

NEXandGBX: "Nope, nothin."

Nysic: "Your house is quite tiny and humble."

NEXandGBX: "Yeah, it's not much. It's at least livable in though."

Nysic: "So, where did you find that letter? there's gotta be proof there!"

NEXandGBX: "I found it in the Fora Desert."

Nysic: "The Fora Desert? How did you even get there? You'd have to sneak past Trollsboro!"

NEXandGBX: "Well, as I said, I found it at nighttime. Everyone was asleep at that time."

Nysic: "Okay, so how do we get there now?"

NEXandGBX: "Well, I assume you have a busy day tomorrow, so going at night isn't really an option. We're gonna have to disguise ourselves!"

And thus we did. I put on a green scarf with a cape to replace my blue scarf, a vest to put on my upper body, some side plates that also acted as backpacks, a dress that fits my lower body, and my old green crown. Nysic just put on a fake mustache. He figures he'll be unrecognizable.

So we went out of town, with Nysic carrying me over the broken bridge to Trollsboro. While we were walking through, it seemed like our costumes worked just fine.

When we got to the desert, the sandstorm there was strong.

Nysic: "I'm not really feeling this sandstorm. I think it's my goggles."

NEXandGBX: "Hm, my contact lens are helpig me get through this."

Nysic: "How?"

NEXandGBX: "They're of theGo-Go brand."

When we got to the area where I found the bottle we found...absolutely nothing.

Nysic takes off his fake mustache.

Nysic: "Agh, so good to get that off. Isn't it nice to have your disguise off too, NE-"

I still have it on.

Nysic: "NEX, how is it not burning to wear all of that clothing out here?"

NEXandGBX: "This look has a nice feel to it. I think i'll use this from now on!"

Nysic: "...that doesn't answer my question."

NEXandGBX: "Oh! Sorry about that. It isn't too heavy, so it should be fine."

Nysic: "Well, it's about time to go back. What a wasted trip."

So we go back the way we came. I notice growling coming from the streets. I turn to Nysic...

Holy shit, he forgot to put his disguise back on.