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Impenting Destruction/Episode 1

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13:37, January 2nd 2015

I had woken up very late today, but I guess that's just the effects of going to bed at 5am. I was planning on just going outside, but saw that note on my desk, so I took it with me to warn people.

I went down the pipe, when...


An unknown voice had said "Ouch!" as soon as I bumped into them. It took a minute to recognize the voice; it was Nysic, who was delivering the mail.

NEX: "Erm, sorry about that Nysic. I can't really tell when you are delivering my mail...say, can't you just fly to my house?"

Nysic: "Eh, I was lazy today."

NEX: "That explains why you're delivering it at 1pm."

Nysic: "Yeah, I guess...can you go backwards for a sec? I kind of need to get to your house to give you your mail."

I just shrugged and complied. I went backwards to my house, with Nysic close behind.

As I was walking back to my house, he noticed the note in my hand.

Nysic: "Hey, what's with that note in your hand?"

NEX: "Well, were you watching the news at about 4am last night?"

Nysic: "I was sleeping at that time."

NEX: "Well, a planet near ours was destroyed, or at least, that's what the news said."

Nysic: "Okay...? What does that have to do with the note?"

NEX: "I went to investigate on who destroyed it, and I found this note."

Nysic: "What does it say?"

I show Nysic the note. I find his reaction to it priceless, but resist laughing.

Nysic: "OH GEEZ...what's a Penitus?"

I sigh.

NEX: "You don't know anything about our planet?"

Nysic: "Well, I was in delivery school."

NEX: (He really should have learned about that then...*sigh*, anyways...) "There's a school for that?"

Nysic: "Yep!"

NEX: "Huh...maybe I should go to that some day."

Nysic: "It would be kind of hard to deliver without a way to fly though."

NEX: "Touche."

Nysic: "Back on topic, what were you planning to do with that note?"

NEX: "I was going to warn everyone about it."

Nysic: "Hm...I think I can help!"

NEX: "Don't you still have to deliver stuff?"

Nysic: "Nah, you were the last one I delivered stuff to."

NEX: "Ah, okay. Let's roll!"

Me and Nysic head through the pipe to the Pipe House and then walk over to a street.

We try to warn them, but nobody pays attention. Only one person said something to us a little ways through.

Shy Guy: "You know, you two should really stop shitposting so much."

We gave up after a while, and we went to the Mindless Junk Bar to discuss our plans of what to do next.

NEX: "Dammit!"

I slam my fist against the table

Smg2daisy: "Hm? What's wrong?"

NEX: "Well..."

I explain the whole thing to her as short as possible.

Smg2daisy: "Oh, that's what your angry about?"

Nysic: "Yeah, we try as hard as we can to warn them,but nobody listens..."

Smg2daisy: "I think you two just need some evidence so that people will believe you."

Nysic: "Wow, it's that simple?"

NEX: "Apparently."

Nysic: "Well, we already know that someone's after us, but we need to find out how they are assaulting us, and when they'll do it."

NEX: "Agreed! Let's get searching"

Smg2daisy: "Good luck!"

We leave the bar. After we leave, another conversation starts.

Anton: "One whiskey please!"

DragonFreak: "Anton, this is the 13th drink you've had today."

Anton: "Oh...should I stop?"

DragonFreak: "...nah!"

Many People: "Chug! Chug! Chug!"

Chikibi Daisy finishes her Strawberry Hill, but proceeds to pass out right after.

Megamario: "Aww...I was hoping she'd bounce off of the walls in drunkness."

Meta Knight: "Maybe next time...or maybe you could try it?"

Smg2daisy passes Megamario a Strawberry Hill.

Megamario looks at the bottle confused, but then smiles.

"Okay, here I go!"