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Gyroid X

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Porple doesn't allow D key jokes cause he can't say XD to them

Gyroid X, chat
Gyroid X
Rank User
Species Yoshi
Gender Male
Allies Pretty much everyone
Likes Video Games, Sprite Comics, chat, ROMs, VGMs
Dislikes Crappish comics, obscure NES games, people brimming with hate for no reason, usernames with random numbers in them
Aliases Anything that has "Gyroid" in it, GSXR4S2, Negative Squad

Gyroid X (previously known as GSXR4S2 and Negative Squad) is a very well-known user, but at the same time is not considered that important. He is a user on MarioWiki, Fantendo, and Userpedia, but rarely does any editing on MarioWiki and only uses Fantendo to post the chapters of his story Paper Mario: The Darkness Within, which he hopes to have made into a game. He claims to be an expert on Mega Man and MOTHER.


He appears as a dark blue Yoshi, with green shoes, shell, and spines. However, he can transform into a battle robot with a plasma gun at will. This robot is powered by PSI stuff, which he could control in his old form.


Although he pretty much has no feelings about anything, his randomness has earned him popularity with many users. He normally hangs out on chat, but sometimes he actually helps out the community for no reason. He always has some phrase he says a lot, like "sheep" or "orange".


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