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Guitar Steward: Adriels Mix

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Guitar Steward: Adriels Mix is a sequel/spin-off of Guitar Steward. Adriels Mix was approved by the creator of Guitar Steward. It is a rhythm game, based off of the gameplay of Wiki Band. It contains four playable characters for the main story mode. As in Guitar Steward, an additional fourteen characters can be unlocked for free play.


A fake guitar, drum set, or microphone (much like the kind used for the game Rock Band) is used by the player. He or she must (for the guitar and drums) hit the correct notes as the song plays, or (for the microphone) sing the song correctly.

Story Mode Characters

There are four main playable characters in Adriels Mix.
The main characters are as follows:

Character Technique Description Special Move
Stooben Rooben Stooben's main technique is singing. Stooben Rooben is a talented Yoshi rock star, captured by the Wikiverse Rulers for performing controversial songs. He escaped, and proceeded to wreak havoc!

Microphone Swing

Pokemon DP/Black Hole Sun BHS' main technique is guitar. BHS rose in fame as an alternative rock star, but was driven into hiding after protesting against the Wikiverse Rulers. Now he's a rock star vigilante, prowling the streets at night.

Gold Guitar

The Blue Dragon TBD is well-rounded, with moderate skill in singing, guitar, and drums. The Blue Dragon was a singer in the band Spanish Inquisition until the Wikiverse Rulers decided he was too openly rebellious and tried to arrest him. As a result, TBD set out on a vendetta against the Wikiverse Rulers, swearing to take them down.

Microphone/Guitar Combo

Togetic Togetic's main technique is using drums. Togetic was the lead singer in her band- until, that is, she met BHS, who convinced her to join a rock-and-roll resistance against the Wikiverse Rulers.



Prologue: Training

Stooben Rooben leads an underground rock group called Stooby and The Guitar Stewards, comprised of The Blue Dragon (TBD), Black Hole Sun (BHS), Togetic, and himself. Their mission is to overthrow the Willy on Wheels and Peachycakes, who now control the wiki. As the game opens, Togetic is practicing her songs. This serves a tutorial for the player.

Song played Artist
Behind Blue Eyes The Who
Pinball Wizard The Who

As Togetic finishes playing Pinball Wizard, TBD runs over to her and announces that they have received a challenge to play against a fellow rebellion rock group- Lazy Pokemon.

Chapter One: Vs. Lazy Pokemon

The Guitar Stewards go to the mountainous hideout of Lazy Pokemon. There, they find that the band is comprised of KingAbra (drummer), Carl (singer), and Alex25 (guitarist). KingAbra (the band's leader) tells Stooben Rooben that he wishes to see who the better band is.

Song played Artist
Tom Sawyer Rush
Ballroom Blitz Sweet
Orange Crush R.E.M.

KingAbra is shocked upon being defeated by Stooby and his gang. He admits defeat, and Lazy Pokemon flees.

Chapter Two: Road to Jackie X

BHS, angry that Paper Jorge made fun of his depression, convinces the band to go after Jorge's band Jackie X (named after the Jackie X Fad). On their way to Jackie X's hideout underneath a waffle restaurant, Stooby and his band encounter a group of trolls who challenge them to a song duel.

Song played Artist
Never Gonna Give You Up Rick Astley

Stooby and the others easily beat them, but the trolls summon their boss, Smoke, and the fight really begins.

Song played Artist
Paranoid Black Sabbath

Finally, Smoke is defeated, and he runs away.

Chapter Three: Vs. Jackie X

Finally, the band arrives at the base of Jackie X. The members are Paper Jorge (singer and leader), Beanbean (drummer), and Plumber (guitar). The two bands fight.

Song played Artist
The End of the World as We Know It (And I Feel Fine) R.E.M.
I Bet You They Won't Play This Song on the Radio Monty Python
What's the Frequency, Kenneth? R.E.M.

Jorge, upon defeat, apologizes to BHS for making fun of him. The two users become friends once again, and Jorge tells BHS about a secret passageway into the Wikiverse Rulers' base- underneath 1337 Peak.

Chapter Four: The Battle of 1337 Peak

The band reaches 1337 Peak, and discovers that it is controlled by the rogue rock band Treadmill Guy. Treadmill Guy is comprised of Ultima Bahamut (guitarist and leader), Draylan (singer), and Arandus (drummer). When Stooby and the gang try to pass, Ultima challenges them to a song duel.

Song played Artist
Strawberry Field Beatles
Working Man Rush
Bitter Sweet Symphony The Verve

Treadmill Guy is defeated, and flees. Stooby and the gang reach the place on the peak where the passage is supposed to be- only to discover that they need four keys to get inside. The angry and disappointed band begins to argue amongst themselves. Before they descend into an all-out brawl, a mysterious orange figure emerges from the mist. He introduces himself as Neurario, and claims to know the location of first of the four keys. However, he will only tell the gang if they can beat him in a song duel.

Song played Artist
Digital Love Daft Punk

Upon his defeat, Neurario tells the band that the first key is hidden in Scarecrow Tower. Neu then vanishes into the mist. The band sets off for Scarecrow Tower.

Chapter Five: Scarecrow Tower

When the gang arrives at the gates of Scarecrow Tower, they find Scarecrow von Steuben, the tower's owner, waiting for them. Terrified of what the Wikiverse Rulers would do to him, he refuses to give Stooby the key, and fights the band in a song duel.

Song played Artist
Nobody's Hero Rush

Steuben, upon defeat, flees into the tower and rides the elevator up to the second floor. The band chases him, and they duel again.

Song played Artist
White Room Cream

Steuben is weakened, but not beat. He rides the elevator to the third floor. Here he fights the band yet again.

Song played Artist
Magic Bruce Springsteen
Distant Early Warning Rush

Steuben runs into the elevator again and rides it all the way up to the roof. Stooby and the gang chase after him in another elevator. Finally, on the roof, Steuben (singer and leader) meets up with bandmates Princess Alyson Koopastool (guitarist) and TheGreatBlockyBoo(drummer). Scarecrow von Steuben's band confronts Stooben Rooben's band in a massive song duel.

Song played Artist
Runnin' Down a Dream Tom Petty
Subdivisions Rush

Finally, Steuben is defeated. Exhausted, he sinks to ground and Stooben Rooben easily takes the key from him. Steuben, Alyson, and TGBB escape via helicopter.

Chapter Six: ML's Fortress

Neurario appears before the band and offers to reveal the location of the second key if they can beat him in a song duel again.

Song played Artist
Digital Love Daft Punk

Once he's defeated, Neurario tells the band that the second key is inside Master Lucario's underground fortress. Neu leads them across the wiki to the entrance to the fortress- a large hole in the middle of the desert. The band jumps in to find themselves in an underground civilization, free from the tyranny of the Wikiverse Rulers. The band explores the underground world, finally coming upon ML's fortress. They confront ML on the roof of his fortress.

Song played Artist
Open Your Heart Crush 40
Live and Learn Crush 40
Behind Blue Eyes The Who
Won't be Fooled Again The Who

Master Lucario, defeated, gives up the second key. Under interrogation, he reveals that the third key is located in the Garden of Sound.

Chapter Seven: The Garden of Sound

The band heads to the gigantic greenhouse that is the Garden of Sound. Upon entering, three music spirits attack them.

Song played Artist
Black Hole Sun Soundgarden
Spoonman Soundgarden
You Know My Name Chris Cornell
4th of July Soundgarden

The music spirits are impressed, and they give up the third key. Neurario appears, and the band asks him to give them the location of the fourth and final key. He refuses, however, saying that someone else already payed him enough money for him to not reveal the location. Neurario calls out Castle Toad and Tabby, and a musical duel begins.

Song played Artist
Digital Love Daft Punk
(Don't Fear) the Reaper Blue Oyster Cult

They finally give in, and Neurario tells the band that the key is in the possession of the king of evil, who conveniently appears and attacks the band.

Song played Artist
The Devil Went Down to Georgia Charlie Daniels Band

The king of evil vanishes as quickly as he came, leaving the key behind.

Chapter Eight: Final Battle

The band goes back to the trolls' fortress, where they use the four keys to get inside. In the main hallway, they confront a group of troll minions.

Song played Artist
Never Gonna Give You Up Rick Astley

The band heads to the throne room, but along the way, they encounter Porplemontage. Porple has been brainwashed by the trolls and turned into their servant. They battle Porplemontage, his drummer (Magik), and his guitarist (Wayoshi).

Song played Artist
Viva la Vida Coldplay

Porplemontage and his band lose, and Stooby's group continues on. They arrive at the throne room, and find Peachycakes and Willy waiting for them.

Song played Artist
Through the Fire and the Flames DragonForce
Cells The Servant
The Beginning is the End is the Beginning The Smashing Pumpkins

The two laugh off their defeat and proceed to beat Stooben over the head with his guitar. Willy on Wheels possesses BHS, and uses BHS as his puppet to attack the band once more. (Note: The guitar is disabled during this battle, since BHS is the guitarist)

Song played Artist
Smells Like Teen Spirit Nirvana
Black Hole Sun Soundgarden
Bullet With Butterfly Wings The Smashing Pumpkins

Willy leaves BHS's body and tries to possess Stooben. However, Stooben manages to resist him. Peachycakes tries to flee, and BHS knocks her out of a window. Willy targets BHS again, and BHS fights him off as well. Faced with resistance from all sides, Willy runs away.