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Do your work quietly and unseen.

Guise's tag line

Note: This story contains violence and swearing and all that stuff.

Guise is an adventure story by Mastablasta about two wiki bots called Aria and Louis who are created by YellowYoshi398. They have downloaded attributes from the Mario and Luigi articles. At first, they act like regular bots, welcoming users, but when spammers attack the wiki, their purpose is revealed to be defending the wiki and assassinating trolls.


Major Protagonists

  • Aria
  • Louis

Major Antagonists


Part 1: Normalcy Is Too Mainstream

Part 2: Just Another Real Life Tournament Fighter

  • Chapter 7: Insert A Fitting Minecraft Joke Here



  • This story was written because Mastablasta thought bots were underrepresented in fiction. (Only the chat bots appear, and even then in old comics)