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A different Guest.
A white and purple eyed Goomba Guest.

A Guest is a being that has yet to become a User, and comes from a strange plane of existence known as The Outer-Realm. Guests are also what one can call a User who has not yet become a User, and can be found on all Wikis. Wikia's name for a guest is 'A wikia contributor'. There have been occasions where Guests have caused Wiki Droughts, suggesting that they have powers that are currently unknown. There are two varieties of guest. The first of which are the "main" types of guests in MarioWiki Fiction. These resemble Goombas, but usually have hats or other things that denote what they will appear as upon becoming a User. For instance, a guest that will become a Pokémon upon becoming a user will appear as a Shroomish. The second kind are more commonly seen in non-Mario-related Wikis, but can be found in MarioWiki. These have spherical bodies, usually with a gray coloration; small, ovoid feet that match the coloration of the body; black, ovoid eyes; and a "G"-shaped marking on their back. These are commonly referred to as "Different Guests".

Guests usually appear in the entrance to the Mario Wiki, and can view anything in the wiki. However to be allowed to do anything without a Sysop stopping them they need to become Users. To become Users, they must fill out a short form in Sysop Palace in New Wikisburg at the reception desk. They do not have to log in to view or edit pages, however, they are sometimes ignored by other Users, and Guests do not enjoy some of the privileges that Users get.


Wiki's End

In Wiki's End, a popular comic by Paper Jorge, various guests are shown in the beginning near Sysop Tower, causing the Wiki Drought. In another one of Jorge's comics, Friday Night Live, certain issues will show two guests in the audience.

A Spammers Revenge

A guest appears in A Spammers Revenge, and journeys with Ultima Bahamut and Kingbowser99. KB nicknames him "Guestface".

Brawl of the Wiki

A Waddle Dee-like guest appears in Episode 7. It appears to be eating grass in Cheese Meadows.

Types of Guests

Various different Guest Sprites.
Various guest sprites.

The type of guest determines his or her appearance upon becoming a User. For example, Super-Yoshi would have been a Yoshi Guest. If a user switches to an appearance that falls under a different category, and the original appearance isn't reconnected in some manner, as a guest, they would be depicted as the guest that they would've been in their original form. As an example, Master Lucario would have been a Boo guest, due to originally appearing as King Boo before taking on his Lucario form.


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