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Sorry if im typing wrong. I'm eating two slices of pizza with one hand and typing with the other......brb getting more pizza

GreenThunder in chat
Member of: Super Mario Wiki, Userpedia
Rank User
Species Human/Plumber
Join date September 13, 2009
Gender Male
Allies LKirby, Fuzzipede27, Mr bones, Ralphfan, Emperor Yoshi, Mario Fan 123, MrConcreteDonkey, SpinyMaster347 PokemonDbzxer, UltraMario3000, Castle Toad, 2257, Brock, Paula, and RedFire_Mario.
Likes Luigi, Bowser, Koopas, Goombas, Writing, video games, RPGs, dialogue, video game music, politeness, Italian food, friends, winter, rain, snow, Bubble Tea. Gillian. :3
Dislikes Hornets, Mets, Mario (Character), all things the color pink.
Moves Super Jump, Bro-Bot, Lightning, Kamehamaha, Kaio Ken, Spirit Bomb, Crasher Bomb, PSI, and all of Broly's Attacks. Why? Broly is awesome, that's why.
Theme(s) Titanium Batt (No More Heroes 2)
Specialty/Most Active Rewrites, fixing random issues, complaining on talk pages
Aliases GreenThunder, GT, Mr.L, That Die-Hard Luigi Fan, GreenThunder
Score more than 2 edits. YEAH!
Age Unlucky 13

Mentally: Just right

Personal information Date of Birth: January 26, 1997

Favorite Food Rice Balls Name Guy

GreenThunder is a Super Mario Wiki and Userpedia user, he is currently a very large Paper Mario fan, and he is very fond of being quizzed on Paper Mario. These are prime areas to boast his knowledge, his favorite character in the entire Mario series is Luigi. He feels it should be Luigi & Mario instead of Mario & Luigi. He is often found in the chatrooms asking if you have ever played Paper Mario, and if so, a large conversation ensues. He hopes one day to be a important member of the MarioWiki knowledge base, and he currently resides in Cheese Meadows. Although his icon is Mr. L, he feels Super Paper Mario is the least exciting game in the entire Paper Mario series. He also thinks a Mario/Dragon Ball Z crossover game would be very, very cool. He is also the owner of #GTchat, in which his allies are found. He is asking for main heroes, but only 7 entries.


GreenThunder first found Super Mario Wiki while online looking for a Paper Mario FAQ. He found a link titled "Paper Mario" so he clicked it to find an extremely large Mario Knowledge base. He later returned to the wiki for Mario facts, until he made his first account early August, titled Paper Badge Man, but he soon created his current account GreenThunder, because he forgot the password to his old account. While on the Chat rooms for one on the first times, a patroller named Lindsay151 asked him why he had the same IP address as Paper Badge Man. He responded and she soon blocked his old account, creating the current GreenThunder that exists today.

GT's artwork for Wiki Kart Wii.


GreenThunder is a nice user who does not attack users directly, but he will argue for victory if it is a Mario themed argument. He also loves to be quizzed on Paper Mario, but he only answers questions on the first two games in the series. In the chatrooms he has gone by the name GreenThunder|Saiyan, because he is becoming more and more fascinated with DBZ. PokemonDbzxer is a good friend of his because he is also a very big fan of DBZ (hence the "Dbz" in Dbzxer). Also, you can see him as PKThunder|Mother3 or PKThunder|EarthBound. This is because after Paula got him to try Mother 3, it is now the best game he has ever played out of all of them. He is also trying EarthBound, but for him, it's not that interesting.

Physical Appearance

GreenThunder is the embodiment of the brainwashing powers created by Dimentio to hypnotize Luigi into turning evil, becoming an ally of Count Bleck, and seeking out Mario for his destruction. Therefore, he has the same appearance as Mr. L, with some slight differences, such as a winged cap, blue overall buttons and a green target on his hand. He also has a GT on his cap.


GreenThunder has many electric based moves, as well as energy themed moves such as Kaio Ken, Spirit Bomb and even Kamehameha. He is most notable for his incredibly high jump, and his skills with robotics, he has also studied the Martial Arts style of Kung Fu with a Bo Staff, and is very capable of dominating in battle, fighting is one of his favorite past times. GreenThunder is currently studying underneath Broly, the legendary super saiyan. Broly can perform a devastating series of energy bombs, beams, balls, and attacks that are un-realistic, but deadly. he recently became aware of PSI and has taken the time to study enough to finally get his hands on some powerful PSI moves! (It should be noted that GreenThunder doesn't god-mod and hates when others do it.)




GreenThunder has decided to live in Cheese Meadows, he wanted to live in a very quiet place to catch up on his reading, he enjoys the presence of the Cheese Cows, and he likes to sit on a cliff near his home and watch the sun set by Paper Plains. He built his home on the highest point of Cheese Meadows, and he plans to live here for a long time. he is currently developing ideas to build a library titled, "Cheese Meadows Library", for his love of literature. He has also heard of the rumors that surround Cheese Meadows, and he is not afraid.

Chatroom and Comic

GreenThunder is the proud owner of #GTchat, where many of his allies are found. you can find him in #mwchat if you want to be a main hero/villain in his comic. If you want to be a minor hero/villain, go ahead and sign yourself up! (Only 7 main heroes and 10 minor heroes.)


  • He is a good cook. (for a 14-year-old)
  • Mother 3 and Minecraft are his favorite games of all time.
  • He is allergic to grass and some kinds of trees.
  • He has a very large imagination.
  • He listens to Japanese music in his spare time (which there isn't enough of).
  • His favorite school subject is science, he is in accelerated science courses.
  • He is Christian, but he believes you don't have to attend church to be Christian.
  • His best friend in Real Life is LKirby.
  • He wants the girl he likes to realize how much he cares for her and how he would do anything for her, he just wants to be with her, and be there for her.
  • He loves to eat, dream about and cook with Cheese.
  • The girl he likes knows he likes her, and he has liked this girl for just about 8 years. Creepily, he had many dreams about her. Long story short, he loves her to tears. <3
  • He has Arachnophobia; the fear of spiders.
  • He prefers NintendoCapriSun over ChuggaConroy in terms of Let's Plays.
  • His Favorite Video Game Chraracter is Travis Touchdown
  • His Minecraft account is Cakezombie, he owns Beta 1.4.01.
  • He is a Founder on the server "degorath.servercraft.co:3845"
  • He has been accepted in to Aperture Games Minecraft Server, voted best server stationed in Europe.
  • He is friendzoned
  • He is friendzoned hard
  • He is single and ready to date one girl for the rest of his lifeeee<3


  • The GT-Team is GreenThunder's 5 other brothers. he was once a member, but broke away for his own reasons. The team is know as a group of rebels who believe in justice.
  • Gamma-Thunder is the Dark Part of GreenThunder's mind. He doesn't fight GreenThunder because they are two sides of the same coin. One can not exist without the other.


Paula is a good friend of GreenThunder, they often meet in chat and talk for random intervals about random stuff. Awesome.

Fuzzipede27 is a nice guy to GreenThunder. They trade Pokémon over Nintendo Wi-Fi alot. since GreenThunder has a lot of excellent Pokémon, if you would like a good Pokémon, he would be happy to give it to you because he does not play Pokémon anymore.

PokemonDbzxer is a good friend of GreenThunder, and meet in chat often.

LKirby is a new user of Userpedia and MarioWiki and is GreenThunder's best friend in real life. They often meet in person and are very good friends.

Smasher_101 is usually the person to greet GT first when he arrives in chat, they often chat when they get the chance.

UltraMario is a friend of GreenThunder, they don't always see eye-to-eye, but they still talk.

2257 and GreenThunder are good friends, GreenThunder always respects user's of a higher rank than him.

Edofenrir is sort of a role model to GreenThunder, they haven't had a major chance to talk in a while.

Aldo and GT are very good friends and talk in chat all the time.

Brock is a friend of GT.

Krizzy is a good friend of GT because he made GT's new artwork and sprites.

SpinyMaster347 is a nice friend of GT, they haven't conversed much, but they know each other well enough.





<Aldo> Hello GT
[21:55] <PKThunder|Saiyan> Hello Aldo Buddy
[21:55] <Smasher_101> he;;;o GT
[21:55] <Aldo> How're you?
[21:55] <Smasher_101> *hell
[21:55] <Aldo> ;;;;
[21:55] <Aldo> hell?
[21:55] <PKThunder|Saiyan> lol
[21:55] <Smasher_101> ...
[21:55] <Aldo> D: just relax
[21:56] * Aldo flees scared
[21:56] <Smasher_101> Im a failure
[21:56] <Smasher_101> ...
[21:56] <Smasher_101> Aldo ;-;

GT and buddies (Aldo) messing in chat

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