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GreenFire Luigi

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GreenFire Luigi

Gender Male
Aliases GFL
Likes Helping his teammates in Thousand Fire
Allies RedFire Mario, Beanbean, Pokemon DP, Totodile3456, and King Mario
Enemies Thousand Tiger
Groups Thousand Fire
Sprite Sheet Click right here

GreenFire Luigi is the brother to RedFire Mario and one of the members of Thousand Fire. He resembles a Fire Luigi with a fireball on his gloves and cap.



Friday Night Live

Even though he never appeared in Episode 3, GreenFire Luigi is a member of Thousand Fire in Friday Night Live. GreenFire Luigi's first appearance in Friday Night Live was Episode 6 when the TV said that Friday Night Live was canceled. In DarkHero Sonic the Dark's upcoming Darky Night Live: Part 2, it'll be GreenFire Luigi's first time to be in seen with Thousand Fire.

Race to The Start

GreenFire Luigi is going to appear in Brayds2006's Race to The Start as a villain who's going to try to take RedFire Mario and his team down.


  • Before DarkHero Sonic joined Super Mario Wiki, his username was GreenFire Luigi until he gave up the name.