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Good Morning Userpedia

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Good Morning Userpedia
Hosted by PyroGuy6
Debut Sunday, June 5th, 2011
Update Schedule Weekly (Every Sunday)
Genre Comedy/News/Talk Show
Latest Episode Episode 4
Latest Season/Status Season 1
Rating Unclassified

Good Morning Userpedia is a comedy news show hosted by PyroGuy6. According to Pyro in its thread, it is based off the ever popular User Soup, and takes ideas from the 'Shroom, such as users being able to sign up and write sections. It is a parody on the news show "Good Morning America".


Pyro is the somewhat tempermental host of Good Morning Userpedia. He sometimes slacks off and doesn't prepare the episode properly sometimes. He has Pyrokinesis.

New Super Mario is the co-host of the show. Everything that involves himself (i.e. MKWii Tourney) he makes a comment about it. Some of his fanfics are reviewed, too.

Um...they do stuff?

Poshi is Pyro's excessivley lazy pet that is obsessed with his comb. He annoys everyone on the show, and steals Spiny's allowence. He got killed in Episode 3, but will be brought back to life. A running gag is Pyro telling him to shut up.

  • Employee #5: Spiny

Spiny is Pyro's other pet. He hates Poshi and has a habit of balling up. Spiny always screams with joy whenever something bad has happened to Poshi.

Yoshiwaker is that orange Yoshi that happens to show up. He uses sarcasm a lot, and sometimes forgets to make his section. Another running gag is him getting shot, but always being brought back to life.

To sign up, contact Pyro via a PM on the forums, or ask him on his talk page.


Season 1

Special Guests

  • MCSoulja
  • Zero777
  • Smasher 101

To sign up, contact Pyro via a PM on the forums, or ask him on his talk page.

Sprite Credit

  • Glukom
  • Joshr_691
  • Rogul
  • Boo Mansion
  • William777
  • Mason
  • Frario
  • Tonberry2k
  • Jack
  • A.J. Nitro
  • Goomba X
  • Dark Kamek
  • dimentio44
  • Neptune99
  • Ridge Troopa
  • Chrispriter
  • Koopa-Troopa
  • Parakoopa
  • Mr bones
  • and many more that I will not bother to name