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Gnunu, trying to catch up to Neptune99

Gnunu (Pronounced Guh-Noo-Noo) is Neptune99's helper at the Bowserpedia Guild, and other places, such as around the wiki, and in chatrooms.

Gnunu is a Red Shyguy, and is reminiscent of Sergeant Guy, from Mario and Luigi: Bowser's inside Story. He carries all of Neptune's things, when Neptune needs him to, and just willingly follows Neptune around. Gnunu does not need to be paid, as he thinks of Neptune as a father, or a relative that he trusts, even though Neptune and Gnunu are not related.


Gnunu originated from the Prehistoric town of Chaku Maka, an ancient Shy Guy tribe Village, in the south Edit Blue Ocean. Gnunu was found by Neptune when Neptune decided to explore the high seas, only to come across this ancient civilization.

Gnunu, anxious to travel away from the un-developed village, decided to hitch a ride with Neptune99, escaping from the island. When Neptune discovered Gnunu hidden in his boat, Neptune decided to keep Gnunu to help with his work.

Although Gnunu is happy to help, he cannot talk. Some even believe that Neptune has kidnapped him, and made him his personal slave, but this is just a myth, as Neptune treats Gnunu with as much respect as any other user or non-user.


  • Gnunu, although coming from a Spear Guy village, does not resemble a Spear Guy of any sort, apart from the red cloak. This may be because he has been so far away from the Village, that he does not wish to resemble his memories.

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