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Global Moderator

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A Global Moderator is a member of a forum who has various abilities that help him/her protect all areas of the forum that he or she has access to. Moderators are promoted based on one's activity, kindness, maturity, and often a few other key traits.

MarioWiki Forums

Formerly users who were Global Moderators could only perform actions that involved moderating each board. However, the rankings were given access to the ACP, and were renamed to show this change. However, Porplemontage renamed the rank back to Global Moderator. The ranking has always been represented by five red stars.

Global Moderators

Userpedia Forums

The Userpedia Forum currently has two administrators, two assistant administrators, and five global moderators. Respectively, they have with five, six, and eight red squares.

Forum Administrators

Assistant Administrators

Global Moderators

The Xephyr Board

On XB, Global Moderators used to be more powerful than Assistant Administrators, although their roles were switched around and Global Moderators are less powerful. They used to be represented by five red stars, but are now represented by five lime green stars. It used to be possible to purchase the Global Moderator position for a day but this is no longer possible.

Global Moderators