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Rank In most wikis: User, In The Place to upload stuff wiki: Sysop
Species Fairy
Location Gissy's Crazy Neighborhood
Gender Female
Allies Minnanico, Master Crash, King Mario, GiGi25, Koopa-Troopa, MegaMario9910, Toadette 4evur, Paper Jorge, Birdoshi, Genkaki
Relatives GiGi25 (sister), Minnanico (pet), Lorenza (mom), Chibiko (sister), Zexoin (brother)
Likes Wii, anime, mario games, crossovers.
Dislikes anti-crossovers, gym, long homework.
Moves Drop kick, bravery (Vibes), Crystal Clear, Chibi Army, Gissy Beam
Theme(s) Just go to here, and here, Joiness, She is lost, Sadness/happiness, Chase theme, Fighting theme, fighting theme: lucky version, party time, Sillieness, calmsess and craziness, Dark side, Happy place, Her Dream World, Silly crime she solved, her sweet side, Party Time 2, Drama, She knew that could do something, Melancholy, Silly fun time, Battle with her brother., She would never give up something she loves, Pride, Transformation, During her Final battles, transformation, being childish, Party time 3, Peace, serious, feeling welcome
Aliases Giss, Giss-Chan, ChibiGissy, Sailor Gissy, Route Venus 2(by her brigade)
Age 15*, 10**

Super Crystal Power, Make-up!


Gissy(?? ? jizi) is a female User that joined the MarioWiki in late 2007, but refuses to edit it because she's afraid that she'll mess up and end up being blocked.

How she got to Mariowiki

She was looking for Mario games she never heard before. She gave up and went to Video game directors cut and watched Rise Of The Mushroom Kingdom 4 then she clicked on Mario Fan Games Galaxy. Finally she clicked on MarioWiki and signed herself up.


Gissy is a somehow a unknown user but somehow she met a few users: Stooben Rooben, Gamah and Geno Whirl. Sometimes she sees people getting blocked, which is why she is afraid she will end up being blocked; as a result she only edits her userpage.

Creating a wiki to a disaster

Gissy was upset because there weren't any Fan-Fiction with Video games and Anime in it so she went a Editthis and create a wiki called Video anime fanon wiki, which is for Video games and anime. She ask some of the users to join in, and then she create a Fan-Fiction called The Adventures of Ayumu Kasuga, which now is Super Azumanga RPG, but then one day when she was continuing her fiction the server want down so she continued her fiction in Microsoft word but apparently that didn't go well, so she put it in Userpedia Fantendo, and Mariowiki. She still doesn't know if she would come back to the Video anime fanon wiki.

Melancholy of Gissy

During search for the new Userpedia, Gissy spent her time at the MarioWiki, working on her fan fiction and talking with her friends from the MarioWiki. When she found out about the Wikia and the referata she decided to join both but they're not the same as the scribblewiki. Gissy decides to work in her fan fic more. During that, the owner of The AzuSanity Wiki, Oppdis, found her at the MarioWiki, letting her know that that one of the characters belongs to one of the people at the Azu-wiki, whose name is Jamesbondkid2001. Meanwhile, while she was on YouTube, She is starting to be more interested in Sailor Moon. Some of her friends from the MarioWiki found her on YouTube. After that, she look for Oppdis and Jamesbondkid2001 on YouTube, found them, she decided to say hi to Oppdis and apologize to Jamesbondkid2001. On Dec 6, 2008, She joined DeviantART as "Giss-chan". On February 21 2009, she found the adriels Userpedia, and signed up.


Yahoo! I'm the winner!

Gissy, Wiki Party DeLuxe'''

Aww crap I lost

Gissy, Wiki Party DeLuxe'''

Good choice!

Gissy, Wiki Party DeLuxe'''

Now I know why Eric Matthews called himself Plays with squirrels because Eric Matthews plays with squirrels

Gissy, Real Life'''


Gissy, when things surprised her in deviantART.

You're right, new archive I need!

Gissy, talking to Birdoshi on the MarioWiki.

Lookie here

Gissy, talking to Birdoshi on the MarioWiki.

My life sucks....

Gissy, from every time bad luck strikes her.

i'm... boring?!?! :_:

Gissy, after she took a quizilla quiz



  • Due to that she finished her fanfiction, she has become obsessed with her crossover: Azu-SMRPG.

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