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Fungus Forest

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The Fungus Forest.

Fungus Forest is a forest which is full of rare mushrooms and other plants. It has a village in the middle of the forest which is where Ninja Toad5 lives in his hospital.

The Village

The village in the middle of the woods has three normal houses, a pharmacy and a hospital both owned by Ninja Toad5 and a gun shop. One of the three houses is yet empty and can be bought. All of the residents have to own guns which can be bought at the gun shop owned by a Bomb-Omb with a cowboy hat.

The Pharmacy

The pharmacy owned by Ninja Toad5 is a place where healing and poisoning stuff can be bought. Here is a list of stuff:

  • Mushroom: 10 coins
  • Antidote: 15 coins
  • Poison Mushroom: 10 coins
  • Bandages: 5 coins