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Member of: Mario Wiki/Boards
Rank User
Species Bat/Dragon, sometimes Banana
Location Germany
Join date 22nd November 2010
Gender Male
Aliases Freakworld10, Phreakworld

wiggler is jesus

- Freakworld, while playing Paper Mario: Sticker Star in his Chatroom.

Freakworld, sometimes also referred to as BananaFreak, Freakworld10 or Phreakworld, is a German User who originally joined the Wiki on 22nd November 2010 and the Forum 2 days later. However he is most commonly known as a Forum Member.


Early Days

Before even making an account, Freakworld already knew about the Wiki for about 2-3 years. He came across it in an extremely bad youtube video that has since been deleted. After forgetting about the place for 1+ years, he found it again because he sought after more infos about the newly announced Super Mario Galaxy 2, and has since been actively camping the front page and read various articles on the Wiki about games he didn't own.

After a long while something allegedly happened, and Freakworld yet has to recapitulate how he came up with his username and why he joined the Wiki on this particular date because everything he did in his first days was adding German names for things on random pages all over the Wiki. It has been rumoured that he was in possession of the Devil himself at the time he made his account but that has yet to be verified.

He has been given 2 Warnings because of bad behaviour in the Sandbox during this time.

The Active Times

After a few months, Freakworld has gotten considerably active in various Pipe Projects (back when those were still a thing), such as the one which sought to create articles for all the levels in Super Mario World. Unfortunately though, he soon realized that his walkthrough-styled writing was not well suited for articles like this, and he returned to adding translations again.

So after a while he created the Pipe Project for Names in Other Languages which had 6 more-or-less active users contributing translations mostly to various recipes from Super Paper Mario. He also actively read the 'Shroom, a habit which he regularly had even before making an account and continued even through times of inactivity (mostly).

The AFK Times

In July 2011 Freakworld left the Wiki due to being bored out by mostly everything on there. The following year he didn't do much apart from checking back on his Pipe Project every now and then and reading the 'Shroom. In July 2012, almost exactly one year after he originally left, he did a routine control and realized that all Pipe Projects had been shut-down due to a proposal. For some reason that was his motivation to become more active on the site again, and he first joined the chatroom the day he came back.

Additionally after he came back he posted on the forums for the first time since 2010, but he was soon bored out again.

The more-or-less Active Times

In the following time period Freakworld was periodically active in W10chat, MWchat and the Wiki and didn't really care much for the forums. He also resumed on reading the 'Shroom and was very pleased when there was a vacant spot in Fun Stuff in the October 2012 issue. He continued to write both the "Guess a Character" and "Guess a Game" sections for almost a year after this. He also resumed being on the forums more in 2013 and his activity increased significantly after the 2013 Awards.

In July of 2014, after losing a bet, he started playing Paper Mario: Sticker Star in a forum thread while commenting on the game, and unwillingly started an ongoing fad with people doing similar forum let's plays in other threads. While still playing games in that thread here and there, he has since moved on to reading homestuck while commenting on it.

Since dropping out from the 'Shroom, he has reappeared for a Guest Section in Issue XCIII.

Today Freakworld is basically inactive on the Wiki, but he continuosly lurks around on the Forums.


Freakworld is mostly known for being more-or-less funny and sometimes having extremely weird or plain wrong views and humour, which may or may not have something to do with the fact that he's a regular user on 4chan. One of his most recurring trends is his hate for The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker which has a complete lack of valid reasoning. He also likes bananas but his use of bananas in his themes has decreased significantly since 2012. Freakworld also sometimes gets into pretty huge ragefits over something but he has decided not to verbally proclaim those on the forums anymore.

Well most of the time.


This is fucking Mindless Junk, the forum where I can fucking do what the fuck I want. Now fucking leave me alone.

-Freakworld, while shouting at DragonFreak in a MJ thread.

^Wow that Freakworld seems like a fun dude

-Freakworld, liking his own quote in LN1's forum sig

sry man im not into betas

-Freakworld, in the Mario Wiki Steam Group Thread

stop being beta, purchase the full version now :yoshi:

-Freakworld, referring to Icemario in Stargazing's Ask Thread

wiggler is jesus / now i makes sense / thats why he isnt dead even though hes just a talking head

-Freakworld, in his chatroom while playing Paper Mario: Sticker Star


  • Before successfully participating in the Mario Kart 7 Awards Tournament in 2014, he tried it twice before (2012, 2013), both times being foiled by the lack of properly functioning internet.
  • He once claimed that he didn't know what Pokémon was in the chatroom (in 2012), and that was partly correct at the time.
  • Freakworld almost exclusively drinks Milk.
  • He thinks that Smartphones and other Smart Devices are the root of all evil and refuses to buy one of them.


CLUE: The Scottish Mario Play

Appeared as the Butler in this Play by Toad85.

I heard you have a Dragon Problem?

Freakworld was unofficially introduced near the end of this comic by Walkazo and Edofenrir. (http://i.imgur.com/N1bxyaI.gif)

Space Pizzas ate Monday

Featured as the Janitor in P1Ch1Sc5.

Fire Emblem: Debatening

Featured as a thief in this fictious Fire Emblem setup.


Freakworld's OC, more or less jokingly designed by 2257 after a request in the Dragon Problem thread.
Freakworld as he appears in Fire Emblem: Debatening, drawn by Edofenrir