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Fire Emblem: Debatening

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Fire Emblem: Debatening is an image collage based on the 3DS title Fire Emblem: Awakening the Fire Emblem series in general so I don't have to stick to Awakening's questionable armor designs. It is drawn and maintained by a person who evidently does not know how to conjugate verbs properly.

Meaningless Fluff

Oh no! The marketplace is on fire and there is chaos everywhere. From the rubble rise valiant heroes and very bored people who are desperately looking for something to do with their day. There is fighting, there is discussion, and talking about whoever's favorite video games. Who are these people who chose to brave the battlefield known as the world wide web, fighting a war that looks disturbingly similar to an online community?

The Forum Warriors

Image Name / Class Weapons Description
FE grandmaster stooben.png Stooben Rooben
FE grandmaster stooben.gif Grandmaster
A seasoned tactician upon
whom victory hinges.
FE tactician smasher.png Smasher
FE tactician smasher.gif Tactician
An aspiring tactician of cryptic
origins. Wields swords and tomes.
FE cavalier tucayo.png Tucayo
FE cavalier tucayo.gifCavalier
A mounted knight with balanced
stats. Wields swords and lances.
FE paladin porplemontage.png Porplemontage
FE paladin porplemontage.gif Paladin
A seasoned, majestic cavalier.
Has high mobility and resistance.
FE greatknight smb.png Super Mario Bros.
FE greatknight smb.gif Great Knight
A seasoned knight or cavalier.
Wields swords, lances, and axes.
FE knight shoey.png Shoey
FE knight shoey.gif Knight
Lances A heavily armored knight with
high defenses. Weak against magic.
FE myrmidon nsy.png NSY
FE myrmidon nsy.gif Myrmidon
Swords A swift specialist in the blade
who makes for a tricky target.
FE swordmaster turb.png Turb
FE swordmaster turb.gif Swordmaster
Swords A seasoned Myrmidon with high
skill and speed. Wields swords.
FE thief freakworld.png Freakworld
FE thief freakworld.gif Thief
Swords A shadowy figure who fares
better picking locks than fights.
FE trickster mcd.png MrConcreteDonkey
FE trickster mcd.gif Trickster
A seasoned thief and infamous
rogue. Wields swords and staves.
FE berserker epicnitwit.png EpicNitwit
FE berserker epicnitwit.gif Berserker
Axes A seasoned barbarian whose
axe strikes fear in the enemy.
FE fighter sifi.png SiFi
FE fighter sifi.gif Fighter
Axes A scrapper with punishingly
high strength. Wields axes.
FE warrior 876.png Yoshi876
FE warrior 876.gif Warrior
A seasoned fighter with peerless
strength. Wields axes and bows.
FE mercenary metaknight.png Meta Knight
FE mercenary metaknight.gif Mercenary
Swords A combat professional with high
stats all around. Wields swords.
FE hero mst3k.png MST3K
FE hero mst3k.gif Hero
A seasoned fighter or merc with
high skill. Wields swords and axes.
FE soldier toad85.png Toad85
FE soldier toad85.gif Soldier
Lances An ordinary soldier. Wields
a lance.
FE halberdier javelin.png Dr. Javelin
FE halberdier javelin.gif Halberdier
Lances Distinguished veterans whose service exemplifies
military values. They are expert lancers.
FE archer dippy.png Crocodile Dippy
FE archer dippy.gif Archer
Bows A unit that can attack enemies
from a distance. Wields bows.
FE sniper crash.png Master Crash
FE sniper crash.gif Sniper
Bows A seasoned archer with superior
skill who has mastered the bow.
FE bowknight tfp.png TFP
FE bowknight tfp.gif Bow Knight
A seasoned, mounted archer.
Wields swords, bows.
FE darkmage gbatoad.png GBAToad
FE darkmage gbatoad.gif Dark Mage
Dark Magic
Anima Magic
A mage able to use dark tomes.
High in defense and tough to kill.
FE mage glitchy.png Glitchy
FE mage glitchy.gif Mage
Anima Magic A tome wielder whose magic
works well on armoured foes.
FE darkknight marowak.png Marowak
FE darkknight marowak.gif Dark Knight
Anima Magic
A seasoned, mounted mage
who wields tomes and swords.
FE priest fireeevee.png FireEevee
FE priest fireeevee.gif Priest
Staves A male healer who uses staves.
Cannot attack.
FE warmonk edo.png Mr. Edo
FE warmonk edo.gif War Monk
A seasoned priest who heals
with staves and hurts with axes.
FE cleric gabby.png Gabby
FE cleric gabby.gif Cleric
Staves A female healer who uses
staves. Cannot attack.
FE warcleric dragonfreak.png DragonFreak
War Cleric
A seasoned cleric who heals
with staves and hurts with axes.
FE troubadour sonicmario.png SonicMario
Staves A mounted healer who uses
staves. Cannot attack.
FE valkyrie stargazing.png Stargazing
Anima Magic
A seasoned, hardy troubadour.
Uses staves and tomes.
FE pegknight nysic.png Nysic
Pegasus Knight
Lances A graceful flier. Strong against
magic, weak against bows.
FE wyvernrider nabber.png Nabber
FE wyvernrider nabber.gif Wyvern Rider
Axes A proud flier with high stats.
Weak against bows and magic.
FE griffonrider toadbert.png Toadbert
Griffon Rider
Axes A seasoned and well-balanced
wyvern rider on a new mount.
FE villager vocalbeat.png VocalBeat
Lances An ordinary villager. Weak,
but capable of great things.
FE dancer NEX.png NEXandGBX
Swords A gifted artist whose dances
inspire allies back to action.
FE bard banjo.png Banjo
FE bard banjo.gif Bard
Anima Magic A gifted musician whose songs
inspire allies back to action.
FE merchant ltq.png Lakituthequick
Lances A traveling merchant. Save
him and it may pay off...
FE taguel 2257.png 2257
FE taguel 2257.gif Taguel
Beaststones A dying race with great power
while in beast form.
FE manakete pidgey.png Pidgey
FE manakete pidgey.gif Manakete
Dragonstones A legendary race with awesome
power while in dragon form.

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