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You would banned me for no reason oh HOW DARE YOU would banned me for no reason.

—'''Fg to Paper Jorge

Fg is a now-retired user who is known to make rash decisions, similar to Max2. He resembles Larry Koopa. Like Max2, he has also gotten into trouble, and even getting blocked for these rash actions. After a series of flames, KPH2293 blocked Fg indefinitely. A few weeks later, however, despite many of the Sysop's best wishes, Porplemontage unblocked Fg, giving him a second chance.

Afterward, he has begun to stop his outbursts and is known to tell sysops immediately when a troll is doing harm to the wiki. The most notable one of these notices was to Cobold, which was alerting the unbalanced behavior of Max2. Some consider that this action redeems Fg to a great extent, even to the point of being slightly respected by a few users. He later became a friend Paper Jorge and started calling him "Papa Jorge" like Master Crash did.

Fg joined Userpedia and made minor edits and had conversations with various users, but as time passed, he began to vandalize Xzelion's article. Later he flamed a large amount of Userpedia Members simply because they did not include him in any of their comics. He has since been banned, he also created two sockpuppets: "F*** Xzelion" and "Sockpuppet of Xzelion". He is also notable for accidentally creating the Pirate Goomba fad.


Wiki's End

In Wiki's End, Fg resembles Wart from Super Mario Bros. 2 and joins Paper Jorge's search party in Chapter 3 a long with Smiddle and RAP. Fg has no speaking role and in the comics he looks like Wart instead of Larry Koopa. After being attacked by Toa Waluigi, Fg and the rest of Jorge's gang is saved by Steve and Dry Bones both who have amnesia. Jorge's party then advances to the entrance of Troll Castle, but they are attacked by Wayoshi and locked up in a large white box made by Dimenchio.