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Farmer Knight

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The Farmer Knight.

The Farmer Knight is an alter-ego of Paper Jorge first brought up in MarioWiki Chat. Once, DarkHero Sonic the Dark found out that there once was a "Saint Jorge" who was a knight who slayed dragons and there was also a famous farmer by the name Jorge. Jorge combined these two characters and then called it the "Farmer Knight" and months later sang a song about it in chat, which made everyone laugh. The Farmer Knight became an alter-ego of Jorge, thanks to DHS who is set to make the Farmer Knight appear in one of his comics. According to the song, at daytime, the Farmer Knight is a regular farmer with an ordinary life, usually bullied by other users however at night, the Farmer Knight puts on his knight costume and fights off enemies, slays dragons and other heroic things.

Song Lyrics

I carry around a sword and a shovel,
plant some seeds in the morning,
and at night slay some dragons,
because, well...

I'm the farmer knight!
The Farmer Knight!
The Farmer Knight!
I'm the farmer knight!
The Farmer Knight!
The Farmer Knight!

In the morning, I get pushed around by some idiots
But at night, I come and get revenge
When daylight arrives, I take off the heavy armor,
and get ready for a hard day in the field...


Oh, yeah, farmer knight!
(Farmer Knight!)
Oh, farmer knight!
Yeah, yeah, my name is Jorge, what's my name?
(...You just said it you idiot.)
Oh, yeah that's right...

Yo! Yo! Yo!
This isn't a rap song but yo anyway!
I'm still the farmer knight!
The Farmer Knight!
The Farmer Knight!

Farmer...Knig-...hey where'd the music go?
*song fades*