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Fantendo's current logo.

Fantendo is a Wikia Wiki that was founded by Plumber. In Fantendo, users use their imagination and create fanon video games, movie and other types of media for Nintendo. Fantendo is also a place for Nintendo fan fiction. Even though it is not affiliated with the MarioWiki or Userpedia officially, all three of them share much of the same userbase, so Fantendo's history has been largely entwined with Userpedia and MarioWiki.

Many Users on MarioWiki have different names on Fantendo like Peach, Minimariolover10, Mariothemovie, and SuperDuperSquid2002. Some users like Glaive and Henrydamoose came to Userpedia from Fantendo instead of coming from MarioWiki, while some such as Cobweb are not affiliated with MarioWiki or Userpedia. Additionally, bureaucrats are called admins in Fantendo.


When UnMarioWiki was being created, Plumber tried to expand the concept from UnMario Wiki to an earlier wiki he made called Untendo, which was an unwiki for all of Nintendo, not just Mario. Though he eventually got approval for broader Nintendo material to go into UnMario, Plumber failed to convert the fledgling wiki to truly becoming Untendo, since it was still called UnMario and still had a Mario focus. Eventually as UnMario gained new restrictive rules and declined, Plumber's Untendo concept was forgotten, but he then became interested in a website of Nintendo fanon, seeing UnMario as a failure because of its restrictive rules and narrow focus.

Plumber then proposed to make a Wikia called Fantendo of Nintendo Fanon, and was supported by many other MarioWikians. However, the Wikia staff wanted to merge it with UnMario, to Plumber's dismay. With Plumber indisposed, the two wikis were almost merged, but Xzelion and Max2 successfully argued for its creation. When Plumber got back online, he discovered that on Friday the 13th, April 2007, he successfully created a wikia.

With users such as Max2, Xzelion, Moogle, Smiddle, Son of Suns, YellowYoshi398, HK-47, and Wayoshi, Fantendo seemed to be off to a good start. However, UnMario Wiki suddenly boomed in popularity, becoming much more popular than Fantendo and even the MarioWiki, to a point that severely alarmed Wayoshi and Son of Suns. However, the rules at UnMario became ever so complex, and the beginning of the Willy Events started making people pay more attention to MarioWiki. UnMario eventually kept adding so many rules that it was deserted by all, and many of its users went to Fantendo. At this point, Max2 fought with Plumber for control of wiki policy, especially the wiki's dark skin and the mascot, Unten. Eventually this led to Max2 resigning from his position back to normal user.

As the Willy Events intensified, Fantendo was largely put on hold to try to solve the Willy Problem. To help its popularity, Xzelion started the Fantendo Babblecoaster, Fantendo's chatroom, which was used as a refuge and meeting place to solve the Willy Problem. When the Willy Problem was solved, Fantendo grew again, with old users such as Max2, Xzelion, Smiddle, and Moogle, cooperating with newer ones such as UnijuXP, Pokemon DP, SPL, Dry Bones, and Peach. During this time it only received minor competition from the fledgling Mwuserpedia. But when MarioWiki's server collapsed, Mwuserpedia's popularity soared, its community becoming even larger than MarioWiki. When MarioWiki returned, Mwuserpedia did not crash, although it did decline a little.

At this time, MarioWiki had largely abandoned Fantendo, with Xzelion, HK-42, Plumber, Pokemon DP, and UnijuXP focusing more on Userpedia. Pokemon DP, Uniju, Max2, Smiddle and occasionally Peach were the only ones who edited articles. 'Wiismartey joined at this point, and became an ally of Max2, whose power increased as Plumber was now a bureaucrat of Userpedia and a patroller of MarioWiki. As a result Plumber edited less and was perceived by Max2 to be ignoring Fantendo even though he checked on it regularly. To revitalize Fantendo, a Fangame Expo, F3, was proposed by Pokemon DP. DP originally managed the project, but he and Uniju later became inactive due to increasingly being involved in Userpedia and having an arms race of their comics, The Shadow Chronicles, and The Lost Adventures. As a result, Max2 took over F3 and Hypertoad assisted him, furthering their influence. Shroobario assisted them with F3 as well.

Even though Max2 was the most active user and head of the wiki's only major project (F3), he also became increasingly devoted to Userpedia, feuding with Pokemon DP, Uniju, Xzelion, Plumber, and HK-47. Eventually he started spamming and flaming and was blocked from Userpedia and MarioWiki. At this time, some old MarioWiki users sympathetic to Max2, such as Dry Bones, SPL, and Peach, returned, while others such as Minimariolover10 emigrated from MarioWiki too. Other users who disliked Max2 refused to edit Fantendo because of his presence, leaving Smiddle as the only sysop who was active. Smiddle also gradually left Fantendo, leading Max2 and Wiismartey to be promoted to sysops on Max2's request.

At this point, Fantendo was the only wikia founded by a MarioWiki member that was still being edited after a year. But being compared to the ever-so-active Userpedia, it was seen as a "dead" wiki. This view was refuted, as some non-MarioWiki users such as Cobweb finally began to take part in the community, while others such as Shroobario became increasingly active. Cobweb's proposal of a blog and Shroobario's proposal to increase the community led to Plumber becoming more active. Plumber reorganized the main page, installed a Fantendo Blog (or Flog), and increased the quality of the Fantendo Babblecoaster. F3 also took place at this point, but was regarded as a failure since most users had not finished their expo e-booths. Max2 and Wiismartey had also become much less active, crippling F3's organization. In F3's aftermath, Max2 and Wiismartey became very inactive, and new users, Henrydamoose and JesseRoo joined. Along with Shroobario, they became sysops and started to focus on giving Fantendo a greater community, and Cobweb became an admin. They suggested many reforms that were made by Plumber, who also went further and made reforms of his own to increase Fantendo's thin community.

This was hampered by KP Blue, who irritated many veterans and drove many new users away from Fantendo. Particularly, he harassed longtime contributor Peach (also known as Purple Yoshi), and was blocked for this. At this time, many Fantendo veterans were promoted, retired, re-joined, re-promoted et cetera after Cobweb and then Henrydamoose retired. Frustrated, Plumber felt he changed Fantendo too much in too short a time, and alienated his users and went on a long hiatus. During this time, many old veterans came back, including Max2 and Henrydamoose, and many new users came as well.

In February 2010, Plumber approved Fantendo's transition off of Wikia so it could join NIWA. However, problems almost immediately arose, seeing as the website was too slow and too glitchy, among other things. So, the site was abandoned, and the users of Fantendo continued to reside on the Wikia URL. Another attempted move failed too, ShoutWiki in October that same year, you can still view the old site, here. After the ShoutWiki move failed, Cobweb, who is and still is today the 'leader' of Fantendo, created 'The Everything Bagel' for more original works. This project also was deemed a failure and as of February 2013, Fantendo is still hosted on Wikia with over 17,000 articles.


The majority of the former sysops had some sort of connection with MarioWiki, whilst the 2009 and onwards sysops coming from elsewhere via Wikia.