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Epic Crisis Vol 1

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Comic Series
Epic Crisis Vol 1
Publisher Userpedia Inc.
Format Graphic novel
Author(s) Scarecrow von Steuben
Canon Status Unknown
Number of Chapters Three
Co-author(s) Unknown

Epic Crisis Vol. 1 is a graphic novel by Scarecrow von Steuben. The first chapter was released over the course of January and February, and the second and third chapters will be released over the summer. It will be partially a remake of Steuben's previous multi-series story arc. There has been confirmed to be several major plot differences, including some of the murder victims. The novel will include flashback scenes where the reader will learn more about this history of the wiki in Steuben's canon, as well as dossiers on each troll and user.

Chapter One: Road to Endgame

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Chapter Two: Endgame

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The second chapter, Endgame, will be primarily made up of issues from Wiki Crisis, Holiday Specials, and Other Endings New Beginnings. The villain will be Peachycakes' Assistant.

Chapter Three: After the Endgame

The third chapter will be the shortest of all the chapters. It deals with the aftermath of Endgame.