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Comic Series
Publisher Userpedia Inc.
Format Ongoing series
Author(s) Scarecrow von Steuben
Canon Status Unknown
Issues 48
Co-Author(s) None

Endgame (also known as Road to Endgame, Key to the Wiki, Wiki Crisis, and Tales from the Chat) is an ongoing post-epic comic series by Scarecrow von Steuben. It has featured several different artwork styles, and each volume is set in a different universe, or at least an altered version of the previous volume's universe.
Endgame achieved mainstream Userpedian popularity with the release of the third volume, "Keys". A fourth is currently in the works.


Volume 1- Beginner's Work

Volume 1 is made up of the issues of Steuben's first few comics- "Wiki Crisis", "Tales from the Chat", and "DarkWiki". They are generally considered to be rather poor quality.


Volume 2- Time & Space

Volume 2 is comprised of Steuben's "Epic Crisis Vol. 2" saga, which was (like 99% of all other wiki comics) never completed.


Volume 3- Keys

Volume 3 is Steuben's current comic series, "Key to the Wiki".